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PA Sports Betting Sites | Best Sportsbooks for Pennsylvania

Legal online betting sites are steadily growing in Pennsylvania. You now have a choice of 9 licensed online sportsbooks and more will be going live soon. You can register for a PA online betting account from anywhere in the US, you just need to be within the PA state boundaries when you wager.  This page lists the sports betting sites available in PA and links through to reviews so you can understand more about each sportsbook and whether they are suitable for you. 

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  • Is Sports Betting Legal in PA?

    Legal online sports betting started in PA during May 2019. There has been a lot of interest in Pennsylvania sports betting licensing since. Even with huge costs to set up and large taxes, the number of legal online sportsbooks is steadily growing. 

    Pennsylvania currently allows for just one skin per licensed operator going online and 9 casinos have applied for licensing. Also in PA, each license needs to be applied for separately, with slots games, table games and poker being different licenses. At a cost of $4m per license this is also limiting the number of operators. Online sports betting site licensing is managed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

  • How many legal PA Sports Betting Sites Are There?

    Licensing fees and taxes are much higher in PA than NJ, so we aren't expecting so many sports betting sites. 

    There are 11 online sportsbooks live in PA. This is the current list. 

    Sugarhouse was first online, and now Fanduel Sportsbook, BetRivers, Parx, Caesars and Fox Bet are taking online sports betting wagers in PA long with Unibet and Draftkings . Others expected to arrive soon are BetMGM and Golden Nugget.

    Betting online in PA is similar to betting in NJ. You don't have to install an app. You don't need to visit any land-based operations Pennsylvania. So as long as you are within the state boundaries of PA and over the legal age, you can visit one of the legal online sportsbooks there, sign up, deposit and start wagering. Fantastic! In fact you can sign up and deposit from anywhere in the US, you just need to be within the Pennsylvania state boundaries to place your wagers. 

  • How Large Will The PA Legal Sports Betting Market Be?

    We don't expect there to be as many legal online sportsbooks in PA as NJ . We wait to see if any more casinos apply for licensing. There could probably no more than ten within the next year but that will still offer a good choice for the sports bettor and good competition for your business. During May 2019, the states eight sportsbooks generated revenue from retail and online of $2.9m and by September 2019 this had grown to $15m from eleven sportsbooks. With tax rates high (36% on sports betting gross revenue), the generosity of sign up offers and odds may not be as good as we see in NJ.

    During December 2019, online sports betting accounted for just under 87% of the total handle of Pennsylvania sports betting in the state. This shows how big online sports betting is for PA. This made up just under $300 million of sports wagering. Retail PA sports betting in comparison was $45 million. 

    Pennsylvania Sports Betting Handle Growth Chart

    Year Month Betting Handle Tax Handle growth
    2019 January $32,011,838.76 $938,597.49 n/a
    2019 February $31,500,741.94 $700,853.95 -1.60%
    2019 March $44,527,574.80 $1,986,962.38 41.35%
    2019 April $36,769,145.16 $1,519,733.55 -17.42%
    2019 May $35,934,214.76 $1,030,266.59 -2.27%
    2019 June $46,334,244.03 $740,454.98 28.94%
    2019 July $59,331,959.41 $1,026,769.45 28.05%
    2019 August $109,038,051.02 $2,201,405.85 83.78%
    2019 September $194,504,621.51 $5,359,993.83 78.38%
    2019 October $241,186,065.70 $5,381,369.56 24.00%
    2019 November $316,468,264.26 $5,299,447.06 31.21%
    2019 December $342,560,388.91 $4,094,813.43 8.24%
    2020 January $348,381,708.39 $8,222,828.98 1.70%
    2020 February $329,765,782.23 $1,700,010.64 -5.34%
    2020 March $131,330,059.00 $2,480,131.93 -60.17%
    2020 April $46,015,987.60 $1,038,049.40 -64.96%
    2020 May $77,510,032.80 $1,738,436.08 68.44%
    2020 June $89,002,561.64 $2,397,657.01 14.83%
    2020 July $164,782,229.00 $2,933,093.00 85.14%
    2020 August $364,985,422.00 $6,578,667.00 121.50%
    2020 September $462,787,392.00 $2,257,158.00 26.80%
    2020 October $525,802,524.00 $13,239,693.00 13.62%
    2020 November $491,910,713.00 $13,446,089.00 -6.45%
    2020 December $548,590,065.00 $12,261,434.00 11.52%
    2021 January $615,294,827.00 $12,229,342.00 12.16%
    2021 February $509,547,820.00 $5,896,731.00 -17.19%
    2021 March $560,259,181.00 $10,566,844.00 9.95%
    2021 April $479,411,021.00 $9,466,734.00 -14.43%
    2021 May $447,465,027.00 $9,988,734.00 -6.66%
    2021 June $420,193,377.00 $12,321,187.00 -6.09%
    2021 July $304,415,503.00 $7,148,224.62 -27.55%
    2021 August $348,520,369.00 $6,482,608.03 14.49%
    2021 September $578,760,746.00 $10,171,364.48 66.06%
    2021 October Data is not yet available
    2021 November
    2021 December
  • What is it legal to wager on in Pennsylvania?

    Legal PA sports betting is just that in Pennsylvania, restricted to sports betting! As yet though, betting on non sporting events isn't permitted. This differs in other states where you can bet on things like the coin toss in the Super Bowl or Academy Award winners. Live sports betting in PA is allowed though so you can bet in play during games. 

  • Which are the best PA Sportsbooks?

    Best is personal and depends upon what you want from your PA sportsbook. We have written over 50 sports betting guides to help you to find the best sportsbook for you. The best sportsbook may well be different depending upon the sports you bet on regularly or the type of bets you like to place. 

    The biggest sportsbook in PA by volume wagered is FanDuel which took 45% of Pennsylvania's total sports betting handle in December. BetRivers was the next largest by handle followed by Draftkings which is growing rapidly. Unibet Sportsbook is another growing rapidly and trippled its handle month on month during December. 

  • New PA Sports Betting Sites Coming Soon?

    The high cost of licensing and restrictive taxation has limited the number of new PA sportsbooks coming online. As well as those already established, you would expect larger companies, with a strategy to establish themselves statewide as leading  legal US Sports Betting providers, to be champing at the bit to launch in PA. But that isn't the case with all. You would expect the following to be the next PA sports betting sites.

  • Types of Legal Sports Betting Authorized in PA

    Most forms of sports betting are legal in Pennsylvania. This includes in play wagering. 

    This is great news for PA sports fans as sport is such a huge thing in the state, with major local teams including 

    MLB teams Philadelphia Phillies & Pittsburgh Pirates

    NBA team Philadelphia 76ers

    NFL teams Philadelphia Eagles & Pittsburgh Steelers

    NHL teams Philadelphia Flyers & Pittsburgh Penguins

    MLS team Philadelphia Union

    College sports betting is also legal in PA so some New Jersey and New York residents may be interested in opening sports betting accounts with PA sports books as New Jersey college football wagering isn't included within NJ legal sports betting options. We expect this to especially be the case during March Madness of course. 

    You can even bet on Pennsylvania college sports within PA as well. This will be popular. The Pennsylvania State University is well known for producing professional NFL players. Our research showed 36 NFL stars had studied at Penn State.

    However wagers are not permitted on non sporting events such as the Oscars. Wheres in NJ that is ok! So likewise PA bettors may still want to cross border to NJ for some forms of betting. 

  • Sports Betting Licensing and Taxation in PA

    Operator Licensing Costs : $10,000,000

    Tax Rates : 36% of daily gross revenue 

    Why does this matter to PA Sports bettors? The high licensing costs have resulted in just 11 of the 13 land based operators applying for licensing so far. The 36% of revenue taxation is extremely high, meaning that operators aren't flocking to offer services in PA but also that odds and offers are likely to be less generous than in other regulated states. These costs also impact on the offerings available to the sports bettor. Over the border there are very generous NJ sportsbook promos on offer, likewise in other states with lower taxation, for example check out our list of Michigan sportsbook promos. In PA though the free bets aren't so generous. 

  • PA Online Sports Betting Related Questions

    PA Online Sports Betting FAQ's

    • How do I know which is the best sports betting site in PA

      The best betting site in PA for you will largely depend on which sport you are looking to make wagers on. One online sportsbook may be best for football, but not for basketball, but may also be the best choice if you want to make parlays or teasers. Take a look at our betting guides where our experts have looked at all online betting sites in PA and found the best for each.

    • Which PA Betting Site Bonus?

      With few operators with betting sites in PA there is some competition for your new business. Gaining free bets in PA is usually just a matter of registering a new account and making a deposit from the PA Sportsbook free bets page

    • How many PA Sports Betting site will there be online?

      There are a total of 10 legal sportsbooks operating online in Pennsylvania. 

    • Do you pay taxes on sports betting in PA?

      You should understand that sports betting winnings in PA are taxable at 3.07% in addition to federal tax laws that could run up to 34% dependant on your tax bracket.

    • How old to use sports betting sites in PA?

      In order to make wagers at online sports betting sites in Pennsylvania, you have to be at least 21 years of age as per Pennsylvania Sports Betting Rules

    • How much is wagered on sports betting in PA?

      Since online sports betting was launched in PA in November is has surpasses $500 million in a single month for the first time in October 2020, joining Nevada and New Jersey to that milestone. Around 90% of wagers were placed on PA online sports betting sites.

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