Place Your Best Bet on Strictly Come Dancing 2023: Contestants and Betting Insights

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Stride confidently into Strictly betting with our ultimate guide. Know the contenders, grasp the odds, understand the bet types and learn from past seasons. Get ready to waltz your way to a winning bet!

Place Your Best Bet on Strictly Come Dancing 2023: Contestants and Betting Insights

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Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds

Betting on Strictly Come Dancing is becoming increasingly popular. As the show continues to grow in popularity each season, more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunities with online betting sites. With great Strictly Come Dancing betting odds and incentives galore, betting on Strictly has become a great way to add excitement, challenge yourself and potentially make a little profit.

💃📺Get set to twirl into Strictly betting

Uncover contestants, current odds and insightful betting tips in our latest article!🕺🎲

The spotlight's turning towards a new season of Strictly Come Dancing, and the betting stakes are high. This in-depth guide gives you a head start, offering a biographical sketch of each contestant, a peek into the bookmaker's odds, and an exploration of the different bets you can place. Drawing knowledge from past winners, you'll have everything you need to twirl your way to a successful bet. Keep reading to step ahead of the game in this year's TV show betting race on Strictly

Current Betting Odds on Strictly

Strictly Come Dancing Winner 2023 Odds Probability
Bobby Brazier 3/1 25.00%
Angela Scanlon 4/1 20.00%
Layton Williams 9/2 18.20%
Nigel Harman 6/1 14.30%
Angela Rippon 8/1 11.10%
Adam Thomas 8/1 11.10%
Zara McDermott 10/1 9.10%
Annabel Croft 16/1 5.90%

What Time is Strictly On Tonight and Where to Watch?

🕺Strictly Come Dancing is back and ready to rock and roll! BBC One and BBC iPlayer are the places to catch the exciting live action. 

Wondering what time Strictly hits the floor tonight? 

🤔Kick off your evening with them from 6.15pm. The sparkling spectacle continues till 8.35 pm, providing you with a captivating 2 hours and 20 minutes filled with music and dance 🎶. 

Running late? No worries! You can start the show from the beginning on BBC iPlayer, and catch the entire event at any time ⏰.

Stay tuned for the results! The first Sunday results show is scheduled for Sunday, October 1 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

Get ready to groove with Strictly every Saturday till the grand finale in December! 🌟

What is Betting on Strictly Come Dancing

You may not realise, but top-tier betting sites keenly tune in to this beloved BBC series, providing an assortment of wagering odds.

As soon as the celebrity line-up's revealed, bookmakers commence their data-driven odds calculation, armed with any scrap of insight about potential contestants they can obtain.

For instance, Tom Fletcher, the frontman of the band McFly, was noted as an initial 2021 favourite before his feet even hit the gleaming Elstree Studio dancefloor.

📺💭Ever wonder how Betting Odds for Strictly are calculated?

Top bookmakers cling to every celebrity insight they can!🕺💡Like how McFly's Tom Fletcher was a pre-season favourite before a single cha-cha had commenced! He LOST!!

Strictly Come Dancing Betting Markets

Your online bookmaker may offer these Strictly Come Dancing betting options. As the drama unfolds across the series and pairs twirl out of the competition, naturally, expect the betting odds to change dynamically. 

Outright Winner Betting

This is the market where you predict the winners of the show. This market is generally available from as soon as contestants are announced right up to final night of the series

Weekly Elimination Betting

Every week a celebrity and pro-dancer are eliminated from the competition in the results show. As soon as one show has completed, betting is usually available on who the next dancers to be given the boot will be, and odds set for each possible outcome

Name The Finalists

Another long-term bet albeit less widely available is to predict which couples will appear in the final showdown at the end of the season

How To Bet On Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing betting will be under specials or entertainment in the bookmaker's index of events. 

There is a simple 5 step process to making a bet on any of the Strictly Come Dancing markets, the odds will always be available. 

  1. Find an online bookmaker offering Strictly Come Dancing odds.
  2. Find the category you are most interested in wagering on. (winners, elimination)
  3. Make that selection and add them to your bet slip
  4. Select the stake you wish to wager
  5. Confirm

That's it, you are done, your bet is on, and now all you have to do is wait until the weekly results.

If you make the right selection, you win, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the stake you have placed just as with any normal bet.

Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Contestants

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the contestants for the 2023 edition of Strictly Come Dancing! Here's a complete rundown of all the contestants lined up for this year's glitterball glory, with short biographies for each participant. So whether you're a veteran of the dance floor or a novice still finding your rhythm, we have all the information you need.

Layton Williams, 28, Film and Theatre actor

Image: bbc

Layton Williams, 28, is a trailblazer in the world of performing arts. Renowned for his dynamic acting chops and nimble footwork, Williams has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry at a young age. Best known for his captivating roles in long-standing stage shows such as 'Billy Elliot the Musical', and 'Everybody's Talking About Jamie', his emotive performances have left audiences spellbound. Not just a powerhouse on stage, Williams also made his mark on television with his role in the sitcom 'Bad Education'. With his theatre roots and intense training, we're anticipating a dazzling display of dance floor prowess as he waltzes into this season of Strictly Come Dancing!

Adam Thomas, 34, Waterloo Road actor

Image: bbc

Adam Thomas, 34, is a well-loved television personality known for his lively performances and heartwarming charm. Breaking onto the scene with the popular TV drama 'Waterloo Road', Adam's engaging portrayal of Donte Charles was quick to win hearts nationwide. His infectious energy and natural charisma carried him through a successful stint on 'Emmerdale', proving his ability to capture wide audiences. Despite being a novice on the dance floor, Adam's easy adaptability and spirited determination make him a promising contender this season on Strictly Come Dancing. Expect a rollicking journey filled with laughter, poignant moments, and possibly, a few surprise hip twists!

Nikita Kanda, 28, Radio and TV host

Image: bbc

Nikita Kanda, 28, is a compelling radio and TV host known for her sparky personality and quick wit. With her roots in broadcasting with BBC Asian Network and BBC Three, Nikita's energy and charisma have brought a fresh and spirited approach to Asian media. She's adept at engaging audiences with her relatable style and effortless charm, qualities we're excited to see translate to the dance floor. Her radio hosting expertise may play in her favour as she navigates the rhythm and tempo of Strictly's infectious beats. While Nikita is a newcomer to the world of dance, we're eagerly anticipating some memorable moves from this vivacious star on this season of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect the unexpected!

Zara McDermott, 26, Love Island star and Documentary maker

Image: bbc

Zara McDermott, 26, burst into the limelight through the wildly popular reality TV show, 'Love Island'. Her effortless charm and relatability quickly captivated viewers' hearts. However, Zara is not just a reality star but also a talented documentary maker, tackling hard-hitting subjects in her BBC series 'Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn' and 'Zara McDermott: Eating Disorders'. With her extreme determination and courage, Zara has proven herself as more than just a pretty face. As she swaps her documentary-making hat for dancing shoes on this season's Strictly Come Dancing, we're sure her passion and perserverance will shine on the dance floor. Hold on to your sequins, Zara is set to dazzle!

Angela Rippon, 78, Radio and TV host

Image: bbc

Angela Rippon, 78, is a broadcasting legend, adored by millions for her decades-long contributions to television and radio. A pioneering figure in the industry, Angela was the first female presenter of BBC News, proudly breaking barriers in a male-dominated field. From hosting her own radio show to presenting iconic TV programs, her versatility is indisputable. Angela's charm, poise, and quintessential British wit have left their mark on the media landscape, securing her a beloved place in viewers' hearts. Now taking on Strictly Come Dancing, having flexed her dancing chops before in a famous Morecambe and Wise sketch, Angela's sure to bring the same electricity and depth to the dance floor. With her, it's all about sophistication served with a side of sparkle. Get ready for some well-timed moves, a splash of nostalgia and plenty of twirls!

Angela Scanlon, 39, TV Presenter

Image: bbc

Angela Scanlon, 39, is an acclaimed television presenter and style icon, known for her charismatic screen presence and eclectic fashion sense. Bursting onto the British television scene with BBC's 'The One Show' and her stellar stint on 'Robot Wars', Angela has an innate knack for captivating her audience. This Irish gem always brings warmth, humour and realness to the screen. Her vibrant energy combined with her love for a challenge makes her a promising contender on Strictly Come Dancing. As she swaps her presenting microphone for dancing shoes, viewers can anticipate a lot of personality, effervescent energy and most certainly, a killer wardrobe on the dance floor. It's all eyes on Angela this season!

Eddie Kadi, 40, Radio presenter and Comedian

Image: bbc

Eddie Kadi, 40, is a dynamic force in the entertainment world with his scintillating blend of radio presenting and comedy. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and having made London his home, Eddie's unique comedic style resonates strongly with multicultural audiences. This powerhouse of a man has already made history as the first British black comedian to headline at the O2 Arena, showing off his undeniable talent. Now, he steps onto a different stage as he cha-chas into the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom. Known for his rhythmic African dance routines in his stand-up performances, we can't wait to see him light up the dance floor. Expect laughter, expect energy, expect Eddie to bring the house down in this season of Strictly.

Amanda Abbington, 49, Actress

Image: bbc

Amanda Abbington, 49, is a seasoned actress with an enviable catalogue of roles under her belt. You may recognise her from the timelessly appealing TV series 'Sherlock', where her portrayal of Mary Watson won viewers over with her nuanced performance. Treading the boards in London's renowned theatrical circuit has sharpened her ability to captivate an audience. A versatile thespian, Amanda's no stranger to shifting between dramatic tension and light-hearted humour effortlessly. As she takes on the dance floor for this season's Strictly Come Dancing, Amanda's expressive acting skills and captivating stage presence will undoubtedly make every performance worth watching. Let's get ready to tango!

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, 53, Channel 4 News host

Image: bbc

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, 53, is a revered figure in the world of news broadcasting, best known for his long-standing role as a host on Channel 4 News. With over three decades of experience under his belt, Krishnan's incisive reporting, effortless charisma, and unflinching dedication to journalism have set him apart in a class of his own. His ability to navigate difficult interviews and deliver hard-hitting news pieces shows his agility under pressure, an attribute that will serve him well on the Strictly Come Dancing stage. As he trades in his news scripts for sparkling dance attire, anticipate a dash of poise, a hint of precision and lots of spirited effort from this seasoned newsman!

Ellie Leach, 22, Actress

Ellie Leach, 22, is a young actress renowned for her compelling performances and vibrant on-screen presence. Rising to prominence for her role as Faye Windass on the long-standing British soap opera 'Coronation Street', Ellie caught the eye of critics and audiences alike with her nuanced and emotive acting skills. Despite her tender age, she has already demonstrated maturity and dedication in handling high-profile storylines, setting her apart as a shining young talent in the industry. Swapping the cobbles for the Strictly dance floor, Ellie is set to show us her dynamic flair. Prepare for some youthful sparkle and heartwarming moments as this rising star twirls into the ballroom!

Les Dennis, 69, Actor and Presenter

Image: bbc

Les Dennis, 69, is a household name in the realm of entertainment, revered for his multi-faceted talents as a comedian, presenter, and actor. Best known as the long-time host of 'Family Fortunes', Les held the nation together with his friendly approach and hilarious quips. His later acting roles in popular soaps like Coronation Street proved his ability to transition effortlessly between comedic and dramatic roles. Now, Les is ready to switch gears once again, trading TV sets for dancing shoes, as he joins the cast of Strictly Come Dancing. Expect hearty laughs, genuine emotions, and a wealth of showbiz experience adding some irresistible charm to the dance floor. Let's roll out the red carpet for Les!

Annabel Croft, 57, Former Tennis player and Presenter

Image: bbc

Annabel Croft, 57, made her mark as a professional tennis player, once crowned the UK's number one, before elegantly serving up sports analysis as a TV presenter. Known for her sharp intelligence on the court, Annabel has been a pioneering force in British women's tennis. After hanging up her racket, she turned heads with her insightful commentary and engaging presentations for channels like Sky Sports and the BBC. With her athletic roots and strategic mindset, Annabel stands as a formidable contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. Expect swift footwork, strong serves, and as always, her undeniable charm as Annabel dazzles us under the glitter ball!

Jody Cundy CBE, 44, Paralympian

Image: bbc

Jody Cundy CBE, 44, is a true champion of resilience and ambition, boasting an inspirational journey from successful Paralympic swimmer to cycling champion. Jody, who was born with a disability that led to a leg amputation, has never let obstacles stand in his way, instead rewriting the rulebook and bringing home multiple gold medals across two distinct disciplines. His daring spirit, tenacity and laudable sportsmanship have earned him not only worldwide acclaim but also the prestigious honour of a CBE. As he gears up to charm us all on Strictly Come Dancing, we're expecting nothing less than that winning determination and a sprinkle of Paralympic stardust on the dance floor. Get ready for a captivating whirlwind of strength, grace, and rhythm with Jody!

Bobby Brazier, 20, Actor

Bobby Brazier, 20, is a rising star in the acting world, known for his youthful charisma and a steadily growing repertoire of engaging performances. The son of reality TV star Jade Goody and TV presenter Jeff Brazier, Bobby has inherited his parents' knack for captivating audiences. Even though he's a relative newcomer to the spotlight, his matured acting skills and natural affinity for performance are making waves. Now, he's swapping scripts for sequins as he steps onto the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom. With his fresh energy and raw talent, we can expect some truly refreshing performances from this young actor that are sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. Get ready for Bobby; it's his time to shine!

Nigel Harman, 50, Actor

Image: bbc

Nigel Harman, 50, is a celebrated actor best known for his spellbinding performances in both television and theatre. With his breakout role as Dennis Rickman in the ever-popular soap 'EastEnders', Nigel swiftly etched his mark on British television. He later transitioned to theatre, where he scooped up an Olivier Award for his role in the musical 'Shrek'. His undeniable charm, coupled with a range of acting chops, makes him a captivating presence both on and off screen. As he trades the stage for the ballroom in this season's Strictly Come Dancing, we can't wait to see how his storytelling talents translate into mesmerising dance routines. Expect passion, intensity, and a dash of drama with Nigel on the dance floor!

Things to Consider When Betting on Strictly Come Dancing

Before casting your lot for the next Strictly Come Dancing winner, or betting on any other weekly markets such as the upcoming elimination, equip yourself with well-curated information.

Several essential factors can inform your decision. Consider the past performance patterns of contestants, decipher what entertainment sector they hail from, and how previous winners correlate to these categories.

The popularity of a contestant on social media platforms can also serve as a reliable metric of the potential favor they could earn from the voting audience. Delve into the archives of previous episodes to discern the variety of contestants individual judges historically tend to favor.

Now, onto former champions. Here's a comprehensive roll call of past Strictly Come Dancing winners - What patterns or recurring elements can you discern within the list that may give a hint towards the forthcoming champion of the show?

Previous Strictly Come Dancing Winners List

It's hard to believe how many series of Strictly Come Dancing there have been; the next edition of this truly popular programme will see the celebs and professional dancers take to the floor for the 20th time. 

Series First aired Winners Runners-up
1 15 May 2004 Natasha Kaplinsky & Brendan Cole Christopher Parker & Hanna Karttunen
2 23 October 2004 Jill Halfpenny & Darren Bennett Denise Lewis & Ian Waite
3 15 October 2005 Darren Gough & Lilia Kopylova Colin Jackson & Erin Boag
4 7 October 2006 Mark Ramprakash & Karen Hardy Matt Dawson & Lilia Kopylova
5 6 October 2007 Alesha Dixon & Matthew Cutler Matt Di Angelo & Flavia Cacace
6 20 September 2008 Tom Chambers & Camilla Dallerup Rachel Stevens & Vincent Simone
7 18 September 2009 Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan Ricky Whittle & Natalie Lowe
8 1 October 2010 Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev Matt Baker & Aliona Vilani
9 30 September 2011 Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani Chelsee Healey & Pasha Kovalev
10 5 October 2012 Louis Smith & Flavia Cacace Denise van Outen & James Jordan Kimberley Walsh & Pasha Kovalev
11 27 September 2013 Abbey Clancy & Aljaž Škorjanec Natalie Gumede & Artem Chigvintsev Susanna Reid & Kevin Clifton
12 26 September 2014 Caroline Flack & Pasha Kovalev Frankie Bridge & Kevin Clifton Simon Webbe & Kristina Rihanoff
13 25 September 2015 Jay McGuiness & Aliona Vilani Georgia May Foote & Giovanni Pernice Kellie Bright & Kevin Clifton
14 23 September 2016 Ore Oduba & Joanne Clifton Danny Mac & Oti Mabuse Louise Redknapp & Kevin Clifton
15 23 September 2017 Joe McFadden & Katya Jones Alexandra Burke & Gorka Márquez Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice Gemma Atkinson & Aljaž Skorjanec
16 22 September 2018 Stacey Dooley & Kevin Clifton Ashley Roberts & Pasha Kovalev Faye Tozer & Giovanni Pernice Joe Sugg & Dianne Buswell
17 21 September 2019 Kelvin Fletcher & Oti Mabuse Emma Barton & Anton Du Beke Karim Zeroual & Amy Dowden
18 24 October 2020 Bill Bailey & Oti Mabuse HRVY & Janette Manrara Maisie Smith & Gorka Márquez Jamie Laing & Karen Hauer
19 25 September 2021 Rose Ayling-Ellis & Giovanni Pernice John Whaite & Johannes Radebe
20 24 September 2022 Hamza Yassin & Jowita Przystał Fleur East & Vito Coppola Helen Skelton & Gorka Márquez Molly Rainford & Carlos Gu
21 23 September 2023 TBA TBA

Strictly Come Dancing Previous WInners Jobs

The list of professions with the most Glitterball wins is as follows. Up until now, Actors and TV show presenter have had the best records, and could be considered in early betting, particularly if also fancied by the bookmakers with shorter betting odds.

SCD Profession SCD Winner
ActorsRose Ayling - Ellis
Kevin Fletcher
Bill Bailey
Joe McFadden
Kara Tointon
Tom Chambers
Jill Halfpenny
PresentersStacey Dooley
Hamza Yassin
Ore Oduba
Caroline Flack
Chris Hollins
Natasha Kaplinsky
Singers/MusiciansJay Mcguiness
Alesha Dixon
Harry Judd
SportsDarren Gough
Louis Smith
Mark Ramprakash
ModelAbbey Clancy

Consider the Professionals

Up until 2022, the breakdown of the coupling of winners favours the Female professional - 2022 saw the first same-sex coupling in Strictly; how long will it take for that instance to get on the winners' board?

Male - Female - Female - MaleWinner
Male Celebrity - Female Professional12
Female Celebrity - Male Professional8

Strictly Contestant Ages

The average age of strictly Come Dancing winners sits at 33 with Bill Bailey easily the oldest winner taking to the floor at 55 and gymnast Louis Smith the youngest in 2012 at just 23. 

Digging deeper, for fun with little to no relevance whatsoever, Any celebrity contestant with a June birthday has never won the show, while January [3] and September [3] birthdays have produced 6 winners in total 

Year Winner Age When Winning
2022 Hamza Yassin 32
2021 Rose Ayling - Ellis 27
2020 Bill Bailey 55
2019 Kelvin Fletcher 36
2018 Stacey Dooley 32
2017 Joe McFadden 42
2016 Ore Oduba 31
2015 Jay McGuiness 25
2014 Caroline Flack 35

Professional Dancers Previous Results

Many of the professional dancers come back year after year. Take a look through this list to see how they have finished in previous season of Strictly Come Dancing.

SCD Pro Dancer Finishing Position
Oti Mabuse 1st, 1st, 7th, 2nd, 8th, 14th.
Katya Jones 9th, 9th, WD, 8th, 11th, 1st, 6th.
Aljaz Skorjanec 7th, 9th, 8th, 2nd, 8th, 6th, 10th, 1st.
Karen Hauer 12th, 2nd, 6th, 11th, 13th, 9th, 4th, 10th, 6th.
Giovanni Pernice 14th, 1st, 5th, 7th, 2nd, 2nd, 9th, 2nd.
Neil Jones 5th.
Gorka Marquez 2nd, 2nd, 13th, 2nd, 14th
Janette Manrara 2nd, 10th, 10th,10th, 15th, 7th, 5th, 13th.
Anton Du Beke 11th, 2nd, 15th, 9th, 11th, 4th, 9th, 9th, 13th, 11th, 6th, 4th, 15th, 8th, 9th, 5th, 8th, 3rd.

Strictly Come Dancing Betting News Diary Timeline

8th January 2024


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bookies now offer odds that Shirley Ballas is REPLACED as head judge for Strictly Come Dancing's 2024 series later this year!

11th December 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Winner Odds: Ellie Leach now given 87% CHANCE of winning Strictly according to latest odds ahead of this weekend's FINAL!

27th November 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Ellie Leach has an '81% CHANCE' of winning Strictly this year according to the latest betting odds with shock Dance-Off taking place at the weekend!

16th November 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Angela Rippon now HEAVY FAVOURITE to be the next celebrity to leave Strictly after BACK-TO-BACK Dance-Off appearances!

10th November 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Krishnan Guru-Murthy ODDS-ON to be eliminated from Strictly this weekend as we get to the business end of the show!

6th November 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Ellie Leach now ODDS-ON to win Strictly this year with 60% CHANCE of winning according to latest market!

3rd November 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Adam Thomas has '60% CHANCE' of being next celebrity eliminated on Strictly this year after last weekend's dance-off appearance!

27th October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bookies offer odds on next elimination on Strictly with Zara McDermott the CLEAR FAVOURITE to go next!

23rd October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Ellie Leach is the MASSIVE market mover this week after her odds are SLASHED following 10 awarded to her on Saturday's show!

20th October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Zara McDermott has moved into 6/4 FAVOURITE to be the next celebrity voted off Strictly this week!

16th October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Layton Williams moves into 5/1 to win this year's Strictly after scoring a 10 this past weekend!

13th October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Jody Cundy is the 10/11 FAVOURITE to be the next eliminated on this year's series of Strictly!

9th October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Nigel Harman remains favourite to win Strictly this year despite being joint THIRD BOTTOM on the leaderboard this week!

2nd October 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: NEW FAVOURITE in the Strictly Come Dancing market as Nigel Harman WALTZES to the top of the market at 7/4!

25th September 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bobby Brazier remains favourite after first dance of the series with Ellie Leach the biggest market mover as odds SLASHED!

11th September 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Krishnan Guru-Murthy the early favourite to be the FIRST ELIMINATED on this year's Strictly Come Dancing ahead of show's launch!

14th August 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bobby Brazier is 3/1 FAVOURITE for the new series of Strictly with full line-up of 15 celebrities now announced!

3rd August 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bookies give odds on who the winning PROFESSIONAL will be on this year's Strictly with celebrity announcements IMMINENT!

12th July 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Winning professional odds now available with former Love Island star reportedly first contestant CONFIRMED for this year's series!

25th April 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Giovanni Pernice the betting favourite to be the WINNING PROFESSIONAL on this year's Strictly!

27th March 2023


Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds: Bookies give odds on Love Island winners Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan to appear on this year's Strictly series!

22nd December 2022


Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Betting Odds: Who will be the winning professional next year? Johannes Radebe is the 6/1 FAVOURITE to win the show!

19th December 2022


Strictly Come Dancing 2023 Odds: Who will appear on the show? Peter Crouch the 6/4 favourite to be a contestant on the 2023 series!

16th December 2022


Strictly Come Dancing Final Betting Odds: Hamza Yassin now EVEN SHORTER to win Strictly as bookies give him a 69% chance of winning according to latest odds!

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