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Football Spread Betting | Premier League Spreads

Published: Jan 14, 11:49am Last Updated: Aug 3, 12:41pm Spread Betting 1 Comment 395 Views

We took a look at the Sporting Index Premier League Point Spread Market at the halfway stage of the season.  Teams have played between 16 and 18 games.  This Sporting Index Outright market predicts how many points each EPL team will win come the end of the season.  If you think their points total will be HIGHER you BUY.  If you think their points total will be LOWER you SELL. All EPL teams are quoted.   [ Read More ]

Spread Betting Example - Can Spread Betting Work?

Published: Oct 27, 11:40am Last Updated: Mar 3, 3:49pm Spread Betting 0 Comments 344 Views

The two matches I followed on Spread Betting site Sporting Index were: Brighton v West Brom   Burnley v Tottenham. One match kicked off at 5.30 and the other at 8.00 giving me enough time to trade the spreads on both games.  If you are new to spread betting and want the best guide on the internet to this form of betting please visit the OLBG Spread Betting Guide.  The guide to spread betting is packed with helpful info, including... [ Read More ]

Spread Betting - My Diary.

Published: Oct 20, 10:08pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 2:40pm redhammer on Spread Betting 0 Comments 3092 Views

Spread Betting Diary Introduction My Name is Redhammer and I have been spread betting on football for over a year now For those who are new to spread betting please check out the spread betting info at the betting school or the best spread betting companies article,  Both will give you valuable information on this type of betting.  I have become very familiar with certain markets, regularly finding areas where the markets offer massive potential.  Often the bookmaker on the... [ Read More ]

Binary Betting ( Mini Spreads ) explained

Published: Oct 10, 1:50pm Last Updated: Oct 9, 1:45pm davidg3907 on Spread Betting 2 Comments 4986 Views

Binary Betting Explained As the number of ways that punters can bet increases, the number of ways that punters can make mistakes increases.  Unfortunately, the level of sympathy from bookmakers towards punters making those errors seems to be at an all-time low. Anyone can make a mistake but the bookmaking fraternity split them into two distinct categories.  A bookmaker's mistake is deemed a “palpable error” and the solution is to state that the bet is void. A punter's mistake is... [ Read More ]

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