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How to approach betting on the NBA

Published: Oct 18, 6:01pm Last Updated: Dec 21, 8:50am botev1921 on Basketball 3 Comments 4513 Views

The end of October is normally the start of the NBA season, which in the world of sports is one of the most advantageous leagues for high-volume betting as there are more than 1200 games involving just 30 teams.  That in itself makes following, analyzing and betting much less time consuming and I could argue much easier in terms of consistently finding value.  It allows me to narrow my focus which is a tenet of sensible gambling, as no one... [ Read More ]

Basketball betting - First Basket/Winner market strategy

Published: Nov 26, 1:48am Last Updated: Apr 15, 1:39pm botev1921 on Basketball 2 Comments 12873 Views

My coverage of basketball betting with specific emphasis on the NBA continues as more and more people here at OLBG seem to be getting into the sport and are eager to know more about the various markets available out there. While my basic analysis from earlier this month included short introduction to the basics, explanation of the value selling and buying, in this article of mine I will try to go deeper into a market that has been widely available... [ Read More ]

Betting on the NBA - players market

Published: Dec 11, 2:12pm Last Updated: Apr 15, 1:35pm botev1921 on Basketball 5 Comments 12087 Views

I continue my examination of the NBA betting markets with one, which is not very popular among punters as bookies expanded it only recently. At the same time I consider it very interesting as it always offers just two options and in all honesty, is not that difficult to understand.  The players market rarely offers any serious odds, but there is a very simple system everyone could exploit when picking a winner. Not just that, but there is no need... [ Read More ]

NBA Preview and Betting Guide

Published: Dec 18, 11:01am Last Updated: Apr 15, 1:34pm Basketball 2 Comments 329 Views

The 2020/2021 NBA season is due to begin in the early hours of 23rd December. The season was due to start in October but due to concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic the season start was pushed back until the end of December. The betting for NBA 20/21 sees seventeen times champions Los Angeles Lakers as the hot favourite:   Do you need some advice on who to back in the NBA? If so why not check out who OLBG's expert... [ Read More ]

NCAA 2021 March Madness Betting Preview

Published: Feb 26, 4:46pm Last Updated: Apr 5, 1:21pm Basketball 0 Comments 234 Views

March Madness is a knock-out competition for 68 teams to decide the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament.  There are seven rounds of knockout games including the famous Final Four round at the semi-final stage.   To see which team the OLBG basketball handicappers are predicting to win the 2021 March Madness, head over to the Basketball Picks page. [ Read More ]

NBA Betting Tips To Make Your NBA Wagers More Profitable

Published: Aug 1, 12:55pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:05pm nors on Basketball 0 Comments 3571 Views

OLBG Blogger Lou Flavius gives his advice on betting on the NBA. We hope all readers will benefit from his basketball advice.  Readers can check olbg members NBA TIPS by clicking the link every time there is a live game.  Nobody hates basketball, not even those who think they do.  Most times, it boils down to not fully understanding the sport. The OLBG betting school has articles covering Basketball basics if you need a refresher course.  From a betting viewpoint,... [ Read More ]

Betting on the NBA - accumulators and value selling explained

Published: Nov 22, 12:20am Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:34pm botev1921 on Basketball 2 Comments 7358 Views

In my first analysis of NBA betting, I briefly mentioned the possibility of buying or selling value, which is one of the main advantages when it comes to betting on basketball compared to football for example.  The OLBG betting school also covers the full gamut of basketball betting advice My concept of buying and selling value is pretty easy to understand, as it has some similarities to certain football markets. In this blog, I will offer an extended view on... [ Read More ]

Basketball betting - Market Movement/Following The Market

Published: Dec 2, 3:48pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:09pm botev1921 on Basketball 0 Comments 3868 Views

I feel it is wise to also explain something many readers have contacted me about, the so-called “market movement”. Given NBA basketball is much more dynamic than football, people might need some further clarification on the significance of line movements and odds changes. You can read more about why betting odds change on a range of sports at the betting school. These basketball market movements happen on an hourly basis rather than a daily/weekly one.    If you have more... [ Read More ]

Basketball betting - quick guideline

Published: Nov 4, 12:19am Last Updated: Oct 28, 2:45pm botev1921 on Basketball 0 Comments 5082 Views

It has been two years since I last looked at NBA betting for the benefit of OLBG members and while I was experienced enough back then, in the early days of my work for OLBG, I was still very green when it comes to putting up informative enough articles.  Since then the OLBG betting school has also added some helpful information via their Basketball Betting Advice Article. With the new NBA season now starting and a lot of new members... [ Read More ]

NCAA Tournament Trends

Published: Feb 24, 11:39pm Last Updated: Jul 15, 3:47pm undertherobe on Basketball 0 Comments 2691 Views

The College Basketball regular season is coming to a close over the next two weeks as we head towards the conference tournaments and the season finale with the NCAA Tournament. It'll be a few weeks before we know the 68 teams who will participate in the end of season tournament but I've gone back over the last fifteen years to look to see if any trends can help us identify the teams we want to look for when choosing our... [ Read More ]

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