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2022 All Ireland Football Championship Preview & Betting Tips Guide

Published: Sep 9, 12:36pm Last Updated: Sep 20, 12:06pm Gaelic 0 Comments 322 Views

Tyrone defeated Mayo 2-14 to 0-15 to lift the 2021 Sam Maguire Cup. Who will win the 2022 All-Ireland Football?  Dublin and Kerry are vying for favouritism in the ante-post market for the 2022 All Ireland title   [ Read More ]

Is the GAA the new Religion in Ireland?

Published: Apr 11, 11:34am Last Updated: Jul 7, 9:00am superslatts on Gaelic 0 Comments 3270 Views

World History(a bit long-winded) Throughout history there have been many superpowers who's influence has stretched far from their original borders. A lot of these have brought a trail of destruction with them but essentially the ones that have the best legacy have been the ones that have the ones that have brought something constructive to humanity. Regardless of what they did or didn't do for the greater good they tended to rule through a similar tactic and that is fear.... [ Read More ]

Lifting the lid on the comedy that is the GAA

Published: Jan 14, 12:06pm Last Updated: Jul 7, 9:00am superslatts on Gaelic 2 Comments 3683 Views

The GAA What is the GAA you may ask if you are from outside the island of Ireland? They would like you to think that it is an association which turns dreams into reality where all players who play their games live on clouds built by their adoring fans. They would like you to believe that the players are modern day gladiators, ready to battle to defend the honor of their club or county but the reality is slightly different.... [ Read More ]

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