Gambling Industry Statistics Revealed (Updated 2021) - What Do They Tell Us?

Published: Jul 7, 10:13am Last Updated: Sep 3, 4:02pm Bookmakers 0 Comments 542 Views

The Gambling Commission publishes data each year which reports on the size and shape of the regulated betting industry in Great Britain. Statistics reveal how much is bet, what on, how much is won and lost and much more. Data is available going back to 2009 which allows us to analyse the changing shape of the British betting industry . Here we look at the industry statistics in detail with a particular focus on sports betting. How is the industry... [ Read More ]

How to find the Best Online Bookmaker - Online Betting Review

Published: Oct 5, 9:31pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:46pm man o bong on Bookmakers 0 Comments 12110 Views

How To Find The Best Online Bookmaker To Have An Account With I don't think there is one answer to the question of who is the best online bookmaker? However I feel you should have as many accounts as you can enabling you to get the best price for your selections. I will run through my thoughts on the subject and explain which online bookmakers I use and why. But I would say If you are new to betting please... [ Read More ]

Dead Heat Rules - A Guide to Calculating Your Returns

Published: Sep 17, 1:34pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 6:59pm jimmywomble on Bookmakers 4 Comments 22109 Views

Following a question on the golf forum I thought I would add a permanent point of reference for someone struggling with the dead heat rules in relation to the settlement of sports bets. Those followers of the sport of kings are generally more familiar with horse racing dead heat rules as they do occasionally pop up. Here is how a couple of online bookmakers explain the dead heat rule. Betfair: A dead heat is calculated by dividing the STAKE proportionally... [ Read More ]

Working for a bookie 1965 to 1972 ( part 2 )

Published: Feb 27, 5:17pm Last Updated: Oct 20, 5:45pm davidg3907 on Bookmakers 1 Comment 23404 Views

Are you suitably refreshed after reading part 1? At the time there was no racing on Good Friday, Sundays, or the week before Xmas.     We could open the office to take telephone bets on one Sunday a year , Arc day.  By law, the betting shop could not open but we could go through it to get upstairs. How times have changed and hopefully our Understanding Of Bookmakers has improved.  The working pattern at Easter was particularly odd. ... [ Read More ]

Working for a bookie 1965 to 1972 ( part 1 )

Published: Feb 27, 5:03pm Last Updated: Oct 8, 3:11pm davidg3907 on Bookmakers 0 Comments 3330 Views

The Executioner has written an excellent blog about how the betting industry has evolved in the 50 years since betting shops were legalised.  Please read his blog first as this is a follow up aimed at explaining what it was like to work in the industry in those early days. Eventually, this blog outgrew itself so for ease of reading ( it is not in chronological order ) I have decided to split it.  If you get bored there is... [ Read More ]

The Evolution of the Betting Industry

Published: Feb 26, 4:10pm Last Updated: Oct 8, 2:33pm The Executioner on Bookmakers 2 Comments 6352 Views

Looking at the options available and the type and number of bets available to punters these days it's hard to believe that bookmaking only became legal in this country little more than fifty years ago. May 1st, 1961 to be exact in the days when Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister.  The decision was taken by the Conservative government of the day in order to seek an honesty within bookmaking and obviously to get their share of takings in the form... [ Read More ]

Bookmaker Masterclass

Published: Nov 4, 4:04am Last Updated: Jul 21, 12:57pm Jim Brown on Bookmakers 0 Comments 2655 Views

No matter how long you've been betting, or even how successful you are, you may have at some point wondered how those online bookmakers do it?  How do they come up with the betting odds and how do they try to ensure a profit?  I'm going to try to show that here. Once you have read my take via this Bookmaker Masterclass, please visit the betting school article on understanding bookmakers.  Understanding What Odds Represent In the past, I have used... [ Read More ]

Bookmakers Closing Accounts: Why They've Got it Wrong

Published: Oct 22, 3:42pm Last Updated: Jul 15, 12:08pm Jim Brown on Bookmakers 9 Comments 11852 Views

If you're reading this, it may be because you've gone through the experience of having one, or more bookmaker accounts closed by the major bookmakers. It's becoming a more common-place occurrence and is no longer reserved for the ultra-shrewd, big-playing gambler.  It's happening to punters who stake smaller amounts (well below £50), and those who have had accounts for years, and luckily (or not, as it seems) hit a few winners. Some of the reasons for closure include: Only betting... [ Read More ]

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