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Boxing and MMA

A Betting Guide to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Published: Nov 4, 2:30pm Last Updated: Nov 15, 3:26pm Boxing and MMA 0 Comments 402 Views

When it comes to UFC and MMA, it does confuse some people as to if they are different things of one of the same. The simple explanation is that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a sport, it falls along the same lines as boxing, football etc, its a sport whilst the UFC is an organisation or promotion company, think of it as a league, so whilst MMA is the equivalent to football then the UFC is the equivalent to The... [ Read More ]

A Betting Guide to Women's Boxing

Published: Oct 28, 3:34pm Last Updated: Nov 15, 3:11pm Boxing and MMA 0 Comments 382 Views

It's not just boxing, women are getting more recognising in all sports and rightly so, on the boxing scene there are some very good women boxers, and we have been served up some cracking bouts, and some of the boxers are now household names with the likes of Katie Taylor leading the way for women's boxing in the UK with her unbeaten record and headlining events, Jessica McCaskill and Claressa Shields are leading names in the US. In terms of... [ Read More ]

A Betting Guide to the Boxing Middleweight Division

Published: Oct 27, 11:43am Last Updated: Nov 15, 3:08pm Boxing and MMA 0 Comments 357 Views

This can be broken down into three different divisions, there is the Light Middleweight (147-154 lbs), then we have the glamour of the Middleweight division which is open to boxers for weights of between 154-160 lbs and then for the heavier boxers, the Super Middleweight division is open to weights of 160-168 lbs. You may find fighters slimming down to make the Middleweight weight or bulking up to get into the Light Heavyweight division rather than fighting in the Super... [ Read More ]

A Betting Guide to the Boxing Heavyweight Division

Published: Oct 20, 4:54pm Last Updated: Nov 15, 3:08pm Boxing and MMA 0 Comments 459 Views

When people talk about boxing, the majority of the time it will revolve around the heavyweight division, this is the division which most fans take a liking to the most, this is where the big guns put on spectacular displays that everyone wants a ringside ticket for! The heavyweight division is open to fighters who weigh 200lbs or more, there are two other 'heavyweight' divisions just below this main one, the Cruiserweight division for weights or 175-200lbs and the Light... [ Read More ]

A Betting Guide to the Boxing Welterweight Division

Published: Nov 7, 3:50pm Last Updated: Nov 15, 3:08pm Boxing and MMA 0 Comments 368 Views

When you think of the welterweight division, you tend to think of the American dominance, at present Errol Spence Jr holds the WBC & IBF titles whilst Terence Crawford holds the WBO title, both these men being American and this is the weight division where the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr, Shawn Porter, Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley have all held the belts in recent years, all of which are American fighters. Manny Pacquiao does buck the trend, the Philipino... [ Read More ]

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