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Exchange Betting

Betting Exchange Laying Of Football Teams That Are Leading 1-0

Published: Nov 13, 11:15am Last Updated: Dec 27, 10:46am Exchange Betting 2 Comments 498 Views

I was looking to gain an advantage in Championship Football by studying what has previously happened to the odds when a match goes in play.  Pre-match football prices often offer little betting value as the information now available to the odds compilers is so comprehensive. English football favourites tend to be so short that there is little to get excited about. However, in running betting can offer excellent value prices as traders react when a goal is scored. The team... [ Read More ]

Betting bots - part 2

Published: Jul 21, 9:19pm Last Updated: Apr 15, 4:52pm davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 3 Comments 7393 Views

There are actually two separate comparisons here.  One is against a standard bot ( i.e. no in-play facility ) and the other is against doing it all manually on Betfair. HELP PLEASE Whilst having a working knowledge of trading, I am relatively inexperienced when using a trading bot as I have done the vast majority of trading manually in the past. For this reason, any comments, criticism, or corrections would be welcome as the blog could then be amended accordingly.... [ Read More ]

Back to Lay Horse Racing

Published: Nov 1, 10:25am Last Updated: Feb 16, 11:09am Online Trader on Exchange Betting 0 Comments 3263 Views

Back to Lay or BTL as it is commonly known is my horse racing trade of choice.  It involves selection horses and backing them before the race starts and then placing a Lay bet at shorter odds to lock in profit whether the horse wins or not.  The Lay bet is also placed before the race starts and is set to "keep" in play.  It is not strictly a purist type of trade as my total back stake is at... [ Read More ]

Do You or I need a BOT ?

Published: Jun 8, 9:52pm Last Updated: Nov 18, 9:09am davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 5 Comments 4236 Views

The purpose of this blog is to highlight what one may, or should expect a bot to do. The first task is to establish what you require from the bot and which ( if any ) bot can perform such operations.  The second is to factor in the cost of either an outright purchase or pay as you go version.  Free versions with limited capabilities are also available. It can then be split further as bots fall into two distinct... [ Read More ]

LAYING Delving deeper into the dark art.

Published: Jun 4, 7:38pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:59pm davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 10 Comments 14457 Views

Digging Deeper Into Betting Exchanges I have run a series of blogs on the subject of laying.  Maybe now is the time to dig a bit deeper into the complexities of the subject and perhaps explode a few myths along the way.  It is recommended that you are at least familiar with laying first, but it is not essential.  You can, of course, visit the helpful betting school article on laying and exchange advice.  If you are a relative beginner,... [ Read More ]

Introduction To Laying - The next stage

Published: Apr 19, 3:06pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:56pm davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 0 Comments 4069 Views

Over the last 3 blogs, it is hoped that you have become familiar with the basic concept of laying. Further reading is available on the advanced laying and exchange article at the betting school.  That being the case it is time to look out for ways to put these skills into practice. Older members of the betting public will be able to remember life without exchanges, where the main option was whether to place a bet with a mainstream bookie... [ Read More ]

Introduction to Laying - part 2

Published: Apr 3, 12:57pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:55pm davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 0 Comments 2394 Views

Having hopefully grasped the basics of what laying involves in part 1 it is time to consider how best to put that information to work.  However, as I mentioned in the first article, laying is a personal thing and must eventually be tailored to suit one's own requirements.  After reading my introduction laying blogs to please check out the betting school articles on: Laying and Exchange Advice Advanced Laying and Exchanges Laying Horses [ Read More ]

Introduction To Laying - Final Thoughts

Published: Apr 26, 10:13pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 12:53pm davidg3907 on Exchange Betting 0 Comments 2131 Views

Be wary of early shock results from whatever betting strategy you have started to use.  What happens if it turns out they were not shocks after all?  At this point, it may also be worth mentioning three of Betfair's features. Markets such as the World Cup and Wimbledon, etc are deemed Express Settlement Market, meaning that as soon as a team or player can't be a winner, it is treated as a loser.  All bets on that team are then settled... [ Read More ]

Don't Be A Sheep! - Trading Long Term Betfair Markets

Published: Oct 8, 12:19pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 7:04pm gecko6 on Exchange Betting 5 Comments 2317 Views

You can make plenty of money trading a fairly static long-term market by just going against the obvious or against the majority view.    An example of this would be the very popular Premier League Winner market on Betfair.  If you are new to Betfair and betting exchange strategy please visit the Laying and Exchanges Advice article at the OLBG Betting school.  Now last year this market went completely mad in the final minutes of the season and there was... [ Read More ]

Betfair Tips and Hacks To Help You Win

Published: Apr 20, 5:40pm Last Updated: Nov 16, 5:12pm nors on Exchange Betting 0 Comments 9265 Views

It's around 15 years since I joined Betfair, and to be frank it's not all been a bed of roses, there have been plenty of thorns since 2005.   I thought I would pass on some of what I have gleaned from this 15 year Betfair tenure, and hopefully guide those who are just starting out.  For those who are completely new to Betfair or one of the other exchanges please visit our betting school, the article titled - laying... [ Read More ]

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