Biggest Match Fixing Scandals

Published: Nov 3, 3:56pm Last Updated: Nov 8, 9:48am Miscellaneous 0 Comments 1163 Views

Sean Gallup/Bongarts/Getty Images Sports and gambling have been synonymous since the beginning of time, and big-spending bettors or criminal gangs have always looked for an edge to come out ahead. Sometimes that edge meant bribing players, coaches, referees, or anyone else who could affect the outcome of a game or series. Match-fixing is when someone directly involved in a sporting contest is able to change the results in order for a certain bet to win. That can involve asking a... [ Read More ]

The Rise of Sports Betting in The USA

Published: Mar 23, 3:06pm Last Updated: Sep 22, 3:59pm Miscellaneous 0 Comments 424 Views

As sports betting continues to rise in popularity, the culture surrounding it has developed as well. There are countless websites to place bets on a wide variety of sports, and tons of resources are available that give advice on how to win big. We’ve surveyed just over 1,000 sports fans to find out more about the sports betting world. We’ll take a look at the general feelings toward sports betting and consider the pros and cons of it. Further analysis... [ Read More ]

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