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Super Bowl Betting (Odds, How To Bet, and History).

Published: Jan 11, 5:57pm Last Updated: Jan 24, 12:21pm American Football 0 Comments 52 Views

The head of the market sees Kansas City Chiefs as favourites with the oddsmakers just ahead of the LA Rams.   San Francisco and Cincinnati are outsiders to make the Super Bowl.  Winning Conference betting has the AFC as odds on favourites.  Super Bowl 56 will be held at the SoFi Stadium, California on the 13th February 2022.   Image: Alena Veasey/Shutterstock [ Read More ]

Star Athletes' Kryptonite [Study]

Published: Oct 25, 5:00pm Last Updated: Oct 25, 6:51pm American Football 0 Comments 253 Views

Tom Brady performed the worst against the Kansas City Chiefs in the past five years. The Sacramento Kings limited LeBron James to only 22 points per game, on average, in recent years. The New Orleans Saints had been the biggest hurdle in the past five years for the defending champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [ Read More ]

NFL Super Fan Reviewer

Published: Sep 22, 1:24pm Last Updated: Sep 22, 6:31pm American Football 0 Comments 414 Views

With the NFL season in full swing, we are searching for the nation’s most knowledgeable football fans to be paid to watch a weekend of sport!   And as if being paid to watch games wasn’t enough, we’ll also provide you with supplies of beer and pizza to keep you going throughout each match. *a soft drink alternative can be provided [ Read More ]

An AI Neural Network Designed Mascots for Pro Sports Teams. Do Fans Approve? [Study]

Published: Jun 23, 8:51am Last Updated: Sep 22, 3:59pm American Football 0 Comments 613 Views

While mascots don’t necessarily impact the outcome of a sports game, they provide teams with a form of identity and branding that likely no player can provide. The majority of teams in the four main sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) have mascots already, but 12 of them don’t. Surprisingly, or not, big-market teams like the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves mascot-less. But what if they weren’t? Research lab OpenAI has made waves throughout Silicon... [ Read More ]

Most Trolled NFL Athletes

Published: Apr 30, 9:59am Last Updated: Sep 22, 3:59pm American Football 0 Comments 893 Views

Nearly 1 in 4 NFL fans admitted to using a fake social media account to trash talk players. Deshaun Watson was the NFL player with the highest percentage of negative tweets directed at him. However, fans believed that Tom Brady was the player receiving the most hate online. Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers, both of the Green Bay Packers, received the most love online. [ Read More ]

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