Biggest Risk Takers Across The Globe

Published: Sep 30, 7:59pm Last Updated: Oct 1, 12:37pm Miscellaneous 0 Comments 194 Views

Would you consider yourself a big risk taker? Well, OLBG has examined the contributing factors that make you and the people of your country true risk takers, so you can find out once and for all. When we think of risk takers we imagine fearless individuals, taking part in extreme sports and doing the unimaginable. Although these are contributing factors, they only apply to a small number of us. Therefore, OLBG has broadened the search and taken a wide range... [ Read More ]

Super Agents: Where’s the Money At?

Published: Jul 19, 4:26pm Last Updated: Jul 23, 12:36pm Miscellaneous 0 Comments 360 Views

He is the man who courts headlines around the world for flogging his clients to the biggest clubs around, and Mino Raiola is officially the most profitable super agent in football according to data sourced by OLBG. The Dutch-Italian agent, who represents the likes of Erling Haaland, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahmiovic, is suggested to make more money per deal on average than any other ‘super agent’ in world football. There has been criticism over the rise of these agents... [ Read More ]

Financial Betting - What is it and How to Do It?

Published: Mar 19, 5:07pm Last Updated: Jun 20, 7:59am nors on Miscellaneous 2 Comments 981 Views

The lack of sporting fixtures has made me cast my eye around for alternative opportunities. I already had some interest in financial markets and am ramping up my knowledge and understanding of these markets. The following bookies currently offer some form of financial betting markets. Betfair Smarkets Marathonbet And luckily for all those with one of those accounts, you can in most cases use your same bookmaker account for both sports and financial betting. I suppose this is a natural... [ Read More ]

What’s In A Mane?: Aintree Braced For Fergie Time

Published: Apr 7, 12:47pm Last Updated: May 12, 10:32am Miscellaneous 0 Comments 168 Views

The Premier League title race may be a one-horse race with Manchester City leading a field of 20 over 38 fences, but there are plenty of other horses on the courses to prick your interest. Pep Guardiola’s City side moved 17 points clear of rivals Manchester United, after winning 2-0 at Leicester City at the weekend. With Pep in the saddle, they hit the front long ago and are just eight hurdles from home on the most difficult course in... [ Read More ]

Sport Podcasts - OLBG's 2021 Rankings Report

Published: Feb 12, 5:27pm Last Updated: Mar 23, 2:44pm Miscellaneous 0 Comments 418 Views

That Peter Crouch Podcast is officially the UK’s favourite sports podcast, new research has revealed. Most listeners prefer to stream their favourite sports stars on Spotify, which the study also found was the UK's top platform for listening to podcasts In the UK, around 12% of the adult population (6.5 million) listen to at least one podcast per week with figures increasing year on year. While lockdown has changed the listening habits of people who are no longer commuting to... [ Read More ]

Power to the People - the many positives of a forum for like minded people

Published: Feb 15, 10:36pm Last Updated: Nov 17, 1:14pm tbuckley on Miscellaneous 1 Comment 1928 Views

Power to the People - the many positives of a forum for like minded people Hello everybody, Tbuckley here, first name Tommy thanks to my dear Manchester United loving mother who decided to give me that first name when I was born in honour of the then United manager Tommy Docherty. Indeed the naming event was a two-horse race as I was either going to be called Tommy in honour of Tommy Docherty or Trevor if my Nottingham Forest supporting... [ Read More ]

The True Meaning Of Value Betting

Published: Dec 4, 8:56am Last Updated: Jul 21, 2:07pm drogerson on Miscellaneous 2 Comments 1869 Views

I often see dotted through the forums quotes such as "I think XXXXXXXX will win, but evens is no price for me" "There's no value in this 1/2 shot" "XXXXXX should win this but I don't back under 2/1" and various other quotes of the same ilk.  To read more about becoming an expert in value betting check out this article. [ Read More ]

More returns for your money!!

Published: Jul 28, 8:26pm Last Updated: Jul 21, 1:17pm Micko70 on Miscellaneous 3 Comments 2262 Views

Over the years I have looked at the tote returns at the bigger meetings of Royal Ascot, Cheltenham, and Glorious Goodwood and checked whether the SP or Tote return gave us the most money on outsiders.   Many new to betting may ask what is the tote?  If you are unsure check out either the betting terminology article or types of bets blog, both explain how the tote works and what bets are available from the tote.  In essence, the... [ Read More ]

GB and the Winter Olympics

Published: Dec 17, 6:52pm Last Updated: Mar 26, 3:11pm Micko70 on Miscellaneous 0 Comments 3507 Views

Team Great Britain don't have the best of records in the Winter Olympics as we are not really regarded as a set of winter nations. In total team GB have competed in 21 Winter Olympics and we have won a total of 22 medals in those games, we didn't win any medals at all in the games of 1932, 1956, 1960, 1968, 1972 & 1988, and our most successful haul of medals was in the first winter games we competed... [ Read More ]

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