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When betting on football or basketball, the option to make more than one selection and combine them in a parlay bet can increase the overall odds of the bet. Another option is to play a teaser. This article will explain what a teaser bet is and how to play them on both football and basketball.

A teaser is a type of bet, usually on football or basketball, that combines 2 and sometimes 3 line bets. It is different from a straight parlay in that the point spread can be adjusted to increase the probability in the bettor's favor, although odds are adjusted down accordingly.

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Best Sportsbook for Teasers

What is a Teaser Bet and How do They Work?

A teaser is the combination of two or more bets whereby the line is adjusted in your favour and the odds moved in relation. It's a little like a parlay in that you are making more than one selection and combingin them together but there is a differnce.

Difference Between a Parlay and a Teaser.

The main difference between the teaser bet and a parlay is that you may alter the aspect of the selection in a teaser. You may adjust the number of the under/over bet, or change the point spread in a line bet. You make changes up to 10 points depending on the bet and whether you are betting on football and basketball.

Teaser vs Parlay

Improve the probability of your parlay landing by adding a teaser. be aware the odds will change down accordingly

When you have the opportunity to change the spread, you may feel you are making the bet easier to win, and indeed this will be correct in some instances, but real masters of teasers will be adjusting things in their favour not only by the point spread, but also in the odds in creating as much value as they can get from the bet.

How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

Let's imagine a set wager spread on the underdogs in 2 games, increasing the spread for a 2 team 7pt teaser

Team Spread Odds Vs
Washington +3 -105 Dallas
Baltimore +4 -110 Pittsburg

A straight parlay on Washington and Baltimore here will return $37.40 for a $10 stake, thanks to parlay odds of +274

By adjusting the spread to 7pts, the chance of the underdogs winning has been increased and the odds lowered. This produces

Team Spread Odds Vs
Washington +10
Baltimore +11

This has now increased the chances for the bets winning with the underdogs given a larger starting margin, and the odds have reduced to -140 for a return of $17.20 for a $10 stake if both selections won.

How to Make a Teaser Bet Online

The process is just about the same with any online betting site you choose to use.

Make your selections by clicking on the odds of the bet you want to make. This adds the selection to the bet slip

Continue adding as many teams as you want, remembering the more you add the harder it will be to win. You can choose favorites or underdogs to add to your wager or a mixture of both

Here is an example of a 5 team, 6 point taser on favourites

Team Spread Odds 6pt Teaser
Dallas -3 -115 +3
Pittsburg -4 -110 +2
Las Vegas -3 -109 +3
New York -4.5 -125 +1.5
Indianapolis -3.5 -115 +2.5

I have chosen five favorites here, and listed the various spreads available for a straight parlay, in the final column, you can see the new positive spreads awarded by the 6pt teaser.

Simply, 6 points have been added to their side of the spread. 

We can already see if the odds are already accurate and these teams are expected to win, how the probability has been increased by awarding them extra points in the spread to begin the game in the wager. Let's see how the straight parlay and teaser compare odds wise now.

Once you have selected all teams, you can then hit the "teaser' tab, where you will be given the option of choosing [most often] a 6, 6.5 or 7 point teaser. The odds and return figures will be adjusted based on your stake, and then all you have to do is place and confirm your stake and bet.

Good luck!

Wager Odds Return to $10 Stake
Parlay +2208 $242.34**
Teaser +400 $50.00

You can see just how much lower the odds become when adjusting the spread for the teaser, and the respective returns differ as a consequence.

**The Parlay return includes a 5% Parlay Bonus. Often when making multi-wager parlays, you can gain a bonus when all selections are correct and the wager wins based on how many selections are included. The more selections, the bigger the bonus

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