Cricket Betting Advice

Different Cricket Disciplines Twenty20 Twenty20 cricket was first professionally played in England in 2003 and since then it has become a huge phenomenon and a form of the game that attracts plenty of bets due to the convenient start times of

Cricket Betting Advice

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a huge following, and people from all backgrounds enjoy it whether they are betting or not. So what do you need to know about cricket? And how does this tie into your bets? Well, here's everything you need to know:

The Basics of Cricket Betting

Cricket is a game played between two teams of eleven players. One team bats and the other bowls, in an inning that lasts for up to five days (though nowadays it's more likely over just one day with the advent of the hugely popular Twenty20 cricket). 

The batting side tries their best not get dismissed while scoring as many runs possible – adding together all points gained from scoring runs when successfull hitting a ball bowled at them.

The basic premise of cricket leads the way into a myriad of betting opportunities, not least who the winning team will be, who will score the most runs, and if any one player will score a century (100

Before we get into the bet, lets first understand the types of vents you might find for betting on cricket.

Different Cricket Disciplines

The three main games of cricket you would be betting on are Test Cricket, One Day events and Twenty20, same sort of thing but limited to 20 overs [6 bowls] per side. All of these games have the same rules with the exception of the time it takes to complete the action and number of overs played out.


Twenty20 cricket was first professionally played in England in 2003 and since then it has become a huge phenomenon and a form of the game that attracts plenty of bets due to the convenient start times of games and short incident packed matches. The games last around 3 hours and in running betting can be frenetic.

One Day Internationals

One Day Internationals (ODIs) are the most common form of international cricket and international cricket is always a form of the game that attracts plenty of money, much of which is patriotic bets.

Test Cricket

Test Cricket is the long form of the game and takes place over a number of days. Although slower paced than other forms of the game, the fact that teams are competing in a series of matches means there are more long term markets available such as series winner and series correct score and those who like to bet in running but find Twenty20 cricket too quick for them can find an ideal form of the game with test cricket.

So now we know about the types of events we can bet on, I think we should  now take a look at the betting markets themselves.

Some people like to gamble on single events, whilst others prefer something that offers multiple options for their bets and there are plenty of cricket markets available in both forms so everyone can find what they want!  

But how do these betting markets work, and which are the best to use?

Let's take a look. 

Cricket Betting Markets

In this section, I will be looking at many of the markets available for betting on cricket either before the matched begin or once the toss has been completed and the actions started.

There are many markets available for cricket betting, and these range from the straight-forward win or lose to more exotic bets such as predicting how long a partnership will last in an innings. I’ll be looking at some of them below:

Match Betting Markets

Match betting is betting on the event itself, 

Winner Market

Match betting in cricket works in the same way as other sports, it is a bet on the outcome of the match. If your match bet is a winner you will be paid at the odds when you struck your bet.

Top Team Batsman

This bet is usually separated by the teams and to pick the winning outcome you must pick the top scoring batsman for one of the teams, or both if you wish to place two bets. This is normally a pretty competitive market, reflecting the chances of picking the winning outcome.

Man of the Match

A fairly self explanatory bet, this is on the official man of the match and since both teams’ players are included in this bet you can expect bigger odds than you would have received betting on the top team batsman.

Highest Opening Partnership

An interesting bet which requires the punter to predict which team’s opening partnership will score the most runs in a match. The draw is pretty unlikely in this bet and the odds usually reflect the match odds for both sides.

Test Betting Markets

Series Winner Betting

This bet is similar to the match betting except this time the bet is on the outcome of the entire series instead of just one match.

Series Correct Score

A popular bet across a test series, this is a bet on the final test score after all the tests have been played. Since it offers an interest across all tests it can offer great entertainment at competitive odds throughout the series.

Top Team Batsman

This is very similar to the bet of the same name for each match except the bet is settled based on cumulative scores from each batsman after all test matches have been played in the series. Another bet that can give an interest in several test matches at competitive odds.

Top Team Bowler

The same principles apply to this bet as the top team batsman for the series, this bet is settled based on the cumulative wickets gained from each bowler throughout the series.

Series Handicap

This is a bet on the winner of the series taking into account the handicap set by the bookmakers before the series begins. One of the teams is given a head start and one is given a handicap and when that handicap is applied to the end result there will be just one winner in this market, just like in the series winner betting, although the outcome will often differ from the match result because of the handicap. This bet can often offer better value than the series winner betting and is always worth checking out if you are considering a bet on the series winner.

There are enough markets there to find a bet that you want to make on a cricket match, but rest assured, once you ge tot hr cricket section of your betting app, and an event you are interested in, you will find a good amount more.

But rather than go into all of them, lets take a look at betting on cricket once the matches have started - Cricket is almost tailor made for in-pay betting, especially 5 day test matches, as so much action can happen, you have plenty of time to add more bets to those you placed before the event, to either top up on your confidence, or try to right the wrong of a wayward bet that is going against you since the start of play.

Trading Cricket on the Betting Exchanges

A new bet type in the cricket betting world is live trading. There are now sites like Betfair that allow you to trade your bets at any time, and they will even give a running commentary on how much money you would have won or lost with every single change of event during a match! It's not for everyone though - and we have a full guide to trading on the exchanges if you are interested. Also, trading really isnt new, but has only been available for us as punters since the advent of the betting exchanges.

In Play Cricket Betting

In running betting on cricket is always popular, one reason being that cricket is a slower game than many other sports allowing in running punters to think more about their bets. The different forms of the game allow in running punters to find a game that suits the pace of their in running style, those more familiar with in running betting may prefer to bet on Twenty20 cricket whilst punters who are newer to in running betting on cricket might wish to get to grips with this through betting on ODIs and tests.

Most of the pre match markets are available in running on the bigger cricket events and there are also in running specific markets available such as ‘next man out’ and ‘the method of next dismissal’. Although cricket can be a slower sport than others the odds swings during the game can be huge and as usual is it recommended that those who are new to in running betting on any sport should paper trade for a while before feeling comfortable and betting with real money.

Things to Consider When betting on Cricket

The more informed you are about the event, teams and players, the better the position you may be in to make a prediction on the upcoming action. These are some things to consider before betting on a cricket match.


Everything that happens in cricket is a statistic meaning cricket punters often have more information at their disposal than people who bet other sports. Do your research, check all the stats you can and draw your own conclusions from those stats to find the best bets in each market on each match. Then only back the bets you have found that you deem to offer the best value.


Always keep an eye on the weather if you are betting on a cricket match. Bad weather means no play in most cases and this can have a huge impact on which way the game goes. Even the different weather types during which cricket can still be played take their toll on a match with sunny conditions often favouring the batsman and overcast conditions more likely to favour bowlers.

Different Disciplines Equal Different Results

With so many forms of the game these days it is important to differentiate between each discipline. Some teams may be having a great run at Twenty20 cricket but will struggle in test matches whilst other teams may be doing really well when it comes to ODIs but their form may be poor at the Twenty20 game. Some teams will have pretty similar form whatever the form of cricket they are playing and knowing which game suits which team is key to picking the best bets, never assume form from one discipline will translate to another.

Know Your Terms And Conditions

Different bookmakers and exchanges can have different rules when it comes to settling cricket bets. Most will be the same across the board but some markets, especially those more susceptible to ties, can have different settlement terms and conditions and before placing any bets it is worth making yourself aware of these with the bookmaker you are choosing so that there are no nasty surprises.


The post discusses betting on cricket. It provides all the information required for someone who wants to learn how or improve their knowledge of it, including: understanding odds and bets in general; what you need before placing a bet (bookmaker etc); knowing your terms & conditions across different bookmakers/exchanges when settling specific market types such as ties

We hope it has been of use to you in preparing to make bets on the cricket match of your choice, and should you wish to conduct some further reading, take a look at the blogs section or the forum.

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