Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help
Responsible Gambling Features, Function and Help

Responsible Gambling Guide

  • Gambling should be fun & entertaining but can become addictive
  • Bookies & casinos have a number of tools to help you to keep control.

This article will explain in a little more detail the tools available and how they work. We look at the top betting sites to check what they have available too.

Responsible Gambling Guide

A complete guide for all the features offered to punters from online bookmakers and how to stay safe when gambling online.


As you can see from the table below, the top bookmakers all provide the listed tools. You will find most all bookmakers will offer these basic, yet comprehensive options within your account management area.

Table Key

A. Deposit Limits - B. Session Limits - C. Account History - D. Self Evaluation - E. Self Exclusion

Bookie A B C D E

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Some bookmakers have additional tools that differ from the basic options above. {click an option to skip to the section] - bet365 for example offer a Budget Calculator. A tool whereby you can enter your personal finance budget, and it will quickly do the sums and let you know how much

Deposit Limits

Set Yourself a Monthly Maximum Betting Budget

Deposit limits allow you to give the bookmaker the instruction to control the amount you deposit within a specified time frame.

You will find both in our articles and advice from the OLBG members the importance of having a separate bankroll for betting activity. This would include maximizing how much you can comfortably afford to bet in a given time frame.

Using your online betting sites deposit limit function can help you manage this. But what is a bookmaker deposit limit?


A deposit limit with an online betting site is a function that allows you to set for yourself an amount and a period of time, which maximizes the total value of funds you can deposit into your betting account over a given period of time. Usually monthly, daily and weekly limits can also be set. 

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

You will have the option to choose a monetary amount of your choice, and then a frequency value as above. 

Once the limit is reached, you will be prevented from depositing any further funds without the deposit limit being amended.

credit cards

Can I change a deposit limit?

If you reach your weekly/monthly deposit limit you will find it quite easy to change it to a higher amount. However, expect to be prevented from any change being made to be active immediately. 

An absolute minimum of 24hours will be required to reconfirm the change you want to make, providing a cooling-off period to think again if you want to increase your limits. 

In some cases, especially if you have a monthly frequency on your deposit limit, you may have to wait until the end of the calendar month or until the month from date of setting up the limit has completed.


Playing Time Notifications


A frequent and necessary feature when playing at casino sites is a notification of how long you have been playing.

This will be automatically triggered regardless of whether you set a specific time for yourself or not.

Manage Playing Time with Notifications

It is easy to lose track of time when playing casino games, but you can set timers that will automatically pause your play to let you know how long you have been playing for.

You can set your own times within the account management sections.

You will be able to extend the time from the default 60 minutes often found, to a shorter period, or longer periods depending on your preferences.

Account History

The importance of keeping records of your betting activity has been discussed and written about on the pages of the OLBG forum since 2002.

It is key to keeping track of your betting profit and losses.

betting record

Thankfully, most online betting sites offer a full record of every deposit, withdrawal and bets made in your account history section of the account management area.

We would suggest making yourself as familiar as possible with this section and in particular, keeping track of deposits and withdrawals to ensure you know how much you are spending regularly.

Some bookmakers like BetVictor and Betfair provide profit and loss screens which you can adjust to different time periods to help you keep track.


Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation is basically a number of steps you can take if you are concerned about your betting activity and perhaps identify if you have a bigger gambling problem than you think you have

search online

Self Evaluation is a set of simple steps and question that you have to answer honestly.

The results are then analysed or looked at to decide for yourself if you are gambling within your means and control or if you would be of benefit by seeking professional help to control or even stop your gambling activity.

Questions that help with Self-Evaluation

  • How often do you gamble?
  • Do you sometimes gamble when you haven't planned to?
  • How do you feel when you lose?
  • Have you ever put off seeing family or friends to gamble instead?
  • Do you keep how much you have lost from family or friends, or have you lied?
  • Do you find yourself chasing losses?
  • Why do you gamble?

If you have any concerns about your gambling activity, we recommend you think through these questions and seek professional help, and/or undertake self-exclusion as detailed below

Self Exclusion

Self-exclusion options are available with every bookmaker [required by law], whereby you can close your account and ask to be prevented from being able to open a new account.

In some cases, this will be for a given amount of time, between 1-5 years, and in some cases, if you self-exclude from a bookmaker, it will be for life, with no chance of every reversing the request.


Bookmakers have an obligation to not allow you to reopen an account you have closed for self-exclusion reasons.

You may also find that if you self-exclude from one bookmaker, it may affect your opportunity to open an account with another brand of bookmaker if they are part of the same group of companies.

Self-Exclusion is A Great Step in Managing a Problem

It does not however prevent your from gambling altogether if you have deep seated gambling problem.

If self-exclusion from a single bookmaker just means you take your betting activity to another, then you may have a problem.

Indeed, if you have self-excluded and find yourself opening another account, we would recommend continuing to read further down this guide where you will be able to get some more in-depth help and support from professional organisations.

There have been some additions to legal licensing requirements in recent years including the bookmakers being obliged to gather more information about their customer and remove the ability to gamble with credit card funds as well as reducing the loyalty scheme, VIP terms in some cases.

KYC & Proof of Income

The most recent developments have seen things like KYC [Know Your Customer] and Proof of Income processes integrated into bookmaker/customer relationships.

We have guides to help you understand KYC and Proof of Income within this section

Know Your Customer

What bookmakers are required to ask you y law when opening a new online betting account.

Read Now

Why Bookies Want Proof of Funds

They are not being nosey, they are required by law in certain circumstances to request this information from you.

Read More

Reduction in VIP Player Schemes


Many of the bigger betting brands are removing VIP Schemes and limiting or removing all use of VIP in association with their customers.

Usually, VIP status is reserved for the larger staking players. With the lure of additional benefits, exclusive offers and dedicated account managers based on the level at which a layer would spend, it is plain to see, this activity is not conducive to controlled and sensible gambling.

For this reason, whilst rewards clubs and VIP status is not expressly outlawed, most of the big firms are moving away from such schemes and terminology and being pro-active in responsible gambling terms.

Credit Cards Banned for Depositing

Credit cards

Another positive result of the push for more responsible gambling is the removal of credit cards as an option to fund a betting account.

This is a very positive move, as no one should be able to gamble with money that they do not have.

The removal of credit card options came in April 2020. 

Although you will still find Mastercard and Visa listed as options, but only as debit card options.


Responsible Gambling Database

We at OLBG take responsible gambling seriously and understand the commitment we have to our members and users to promote responsible gambling safely.

For that purpose, this page includes information on how to identify if you may have or are susceptible to a gambling problem, or if you have a gambling problem and where you can get professional help.

Click on Any Heading Below to Visit the Item

Click on any of the headings in this list of support facilities for gambling problems to visit the sites mentioned.

This page is in sections depending on which area of help you are in need of

Responsible Gambling Assistance

BeGambleAware Can Support You

Free, confidential help for anyone who is worried about gambling, or is worried about someone else's gambling problem.

We recommend BeGambleAware as your first port of call if you think you might have a gambling problem or are looking to get control of a problem you thin may get out of hand

Visit the BeGambleAware website, or call 0808 8020 133


Problem Gambling

There are many alternatives to look for when facing a problem with gambling.

The following options work for both the problem gambler themselves, or affected partners, family or friends, or anyone affected either directly by gambling problems, or as the result of someone else's gambling issues.


Are gambling problems affecting you, or those close to you?

GamCare is the leading national provider of free information, advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling.

You can get assistance from GamCare through a variety of contact methods

Call 0808 802 133 - Available 24 hours a day

You can visit the live chat features on the website, or a group chat if you would prefer, and they also have a forum where members both new and old can discuss and help.


Block Gambling Sites

has been helping problem gamblers avoid the dangers of unrestricted gambling since 2000.

Gamblock is a software that can be used to block gambling sites on your devices to prevent you from accessing them. Updated automatically to include any new gambling sites released.


Block Access to Online Gambling on All Your Devices

When your will power isn't enough Gamban can be a safety net across all your devices

Will power or lack thereof can be the biggest issue for problem gamblers. Another software solution is Gamban. 

Gamblers Anonymous

02073 843040

Call and speak to an assistant anonymously if you have a gambling problem.

An association of fellow problem gamblers coming together to help each other and new compulsive gamblers to get control of their gambling problems.


For Anyone Affected by Gambling

Men and women who are husbands, wives, partners, relatives or close friends of someone with a gambling problem who also have been affected by this gambling problem

For those affected by gambling problems of a loved one or family member or friend. It is not just the gambler themselves that can be affected.

Count Me Out

Self-Exclusion Scheme

Count Me Out Gambling Self Exclusion provides effective self-exclusion for persons wishing to prevent themselves from gambling

Gordon Moody Association

Unique and intensive residential treatment programmes in the UK

For the most severly affected compulsive gamblers, there is a rehab centre to help

Call 01384 241292

NHS Foundation Trust

Problem Gamblers in England and Wales

Assessing the needs of problem gamblers and associated family & friends, and offering advice, treatment and interventions to assist

More Information Tel: 0207 534 6699/6697

Debt Support

avoid debt

Debt is just one of the most devastating effects of a gambling problem and can lead to all manner of further issues.

Getting help with debt caused by gambling is free and easy with charitable associations on hand to speak to and provide advice and even manage your debt. Offering advice on what is the best plan for you to deal with it.

National Debt Line

Online Debt Tools

Providing free and independent advice over the phone and online.

StepChange Deby Charity

Impartial Debt Advice Over the Phone

A charity to help you take control and manage your debts, with advice for your next step.

Debt Support Trust

Charity Debt Advisors

There are a number of debt solutions you may be suitable for. The debt support trust inform you about which debt solutions are suitable for you.

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