Liverpool and Chelsea given HUGE blow to Champions League hopes - no team has won the trophy after losing their first game

UEFA Champions League Winners Do Not Lose Their First Game according to the Stats - We take a look into the fate of the winners in this first games of campaigns to see how Liverpool and Chelsea could already have the writing on the wall.

Champions in 2018 Real Madrid didn't lose the opening game
Champions in 2018 Real Madrid didn't lose the opening game Антон Зайцев, CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

The chances of Chelsea and Liverpool winning the Champions League after their losing starts look very low according to new data.

OLBG has researched Champions League winners’ first game of the season since the reformation of the competition in 1992/1993 - and found that no team has won the competition after losing their first game.

Recent winners of the competition, Liverpool and Chelsea, both struggled in their first games, losing to Napoli and Dinamo Zagreb respectively, and history suggests they won't go on to win the title this season.

Liverpool has the fourth shortest odds to win the Champions League at 9/1, whilst Chelsea are 27/1. Guardiola's Manchester City are favourites to win the competition at 5/2, shortly followed by PSG at 6/1 and holders Real Madrid are 9/1.

Champions League Winners Odds

Winners Odds Probability
Manchester City 5/2 28.57%
PSG 6/1 14.29%
Bayern Munich 6/1 14.29%
Real Madrid 9/1 10.0%
Liverpool 9/1 10.0%
Barcelona 10/1 9.09%
Chelsea  25/1 3.85%

While most teams begin their run to winning the Champions League title with a win, some teams have drawn their first games of the European competition, including the 99’ treble United winning team who drew versus Barcelona 3-3. 

Chelsea were the last team to draw their first game of the group stage and win the Champions League when they drew to Sevilla in 2020 before beating City in the final.

Liverpool and Chelsea have little to no hope of winning the Champions League this season as no team has won the competition after losing their first game of the prestigious competition since 1992.

Jake Ashton - Sports Betting Expert -

“Liverpool are fourth in the market to win the Champions League at 9/1 and Chelsea are 27/1, but history shows you need to be at your best from the start if you want a chance to win this elite trophy - which is not the case for these two English sides.”

UEFA Champions League Winners Opening Game Results

Not a single Champions League winner has ever lost the opening game of the campaign, signaling records required for either Liverpool or Chelsea to succeed in the competition in 22/23

Year Winners First Game Result
21/22 Real Madrid 1-0 v Inter
20/21 Chelsea 0-0 v Sevilla
19/20 Bayern Munich 3-0 v Red Star
18/19 Liverpool 3-2 v PSG
17/18 Real Madrid 3-0 v APOEL
16/17 Real Madrid 2-1 v Sporting Lisbon
15/16 Real Madrid 4-0 v Shakhtar Donetsk
14/15 Barcelona 1-0 v APOEL
13/14 Real Madrid 6-1 v Galatasaray
12/13 Bayern Munich 2-1 v Valencia
11/12 Chelsea 2-0 v Bayern Leverkusen
10/11 Barcelona 5-1 v Panathinaikos
09/10 Inter Milan 0-0 v Barcelona
08/09 Barcelona 3-1 Sporting Lisbon
07/08 Manchester United 1-0 v Sporting Lisbon
06/07 AC Milan 3-0 v AEK Athens
05/06 Barcelona 2-0 v Werder Bremen
04/05 Liverpool 2-0 v Monaco
03/04 Porto 1-1 v Partizan
02/03 AC Milan 2-1 v Lens
01/02 Real Madrid 2-1 v AS Roma
00/01 Bayern Munich 3-1 v Helsingborg
99/00 Real Madrid 3-3 v Olympiacos
98/99 Manchester United 3-3 v Barcelona
97/98 Real Madrid 4-1 v Rosenborg
96/97 Borussia Dortmund 2-1 v Widzew Lodz
95/96 Juventus 3-1 v Borussia Dortmund
94/95 Ajax 2-0 v AC Milan
93/94 AC Milan 1-0 v FC Aarau
92/93 Marseille 5-0 v Glentoran

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