Greyhounds Betting Advice

Types Of Bet Many of the types of greyhound bet are very similar to horse racing bets but there can be some subtle differences. Like horse racing, greyhound punters are likely to stick to one or two types of bets that suit

Greyhounds Betting Advice

Types Of Bet

Betting School ImageMany of the types of greyhound bet are very similar to horse racing bets but there can be some subtle differences.

Like horse racing, greyhound punters are likely to stick to one or two types of bets that suit their betting needs the most. If you are new to greyhound betting it is a good idea to have a play around with some of these bets either through paper trading or very small stakes, just to decide which bets work best for your individual needs.

Here are the most popular bets placed on greyhound racing:


This is simply a bet on a given dog to win his race. You can either take a price and your bet will be settled at that price whatever happens or you can bet at starting price (SP) and your bet will be settled at the price the dog starts the race at.

Each Way

Each way bets are also settled at a taken price or at SP but this time you are placing two bets, one on the dog to win and one on the dog to place. This means that your total stake is twice your unit stake (£10 each way costs £20). There are only two places paid on dog races and the place terms are most commonly a quarter of the odds so you need to back a 4/1 shot or bigger to get your money back on a place bet.

Straight Forecast

A popular bet in greyhound racing, the straight forecast (SFC) requires the punter to name the first two dogs home in a given order. This bet is popular because it allows a punter to win relatively large amounts for smaller stakes, but it is obviously harder to pick a winning bet when betting on straight forecasts.

Reverse Forecast

A reverse forecast (RFC) is almost identical to a straight forecast except your two dogs don’t have to finish in the order you have given, they simply have to fill the first two spots in any order. A reverse forecast is two bets, so your total stake will be twice your unit stake (a £10 RFC costs £20).

Combination Forecast

A combination forecast (CFC) is a reverse forecast on three or more selections. Most commonly three dogs will be named in a combination forecast and they can fill the first two spots in any order but a three dog combination forecast is six bets, so a £5 CFC will cost £30. If four dogs are included in the bet then that would be 12 bets.

Forecast Multiples

Forecast multiples (most commonly forecast doubles and trebles) are popular as a bet to cover multiple races/meetings. The amount of unit bets are usually very high depending on the type of forecast multiple and the amount of races, even forecast doubles on 6 races will cost 15 bets. A full break down of forecast doubles and trebles can be found in the table below

Reverse Forecast Multiples

Reverse forecast doubles and trebles will cost even more bets per race than straight forecast doubles and trebles because you are covering even more possible outcomes as your bet can come in in any order. A full beak down of reverse forecast doubles and trebles can be found in the table below

No. of Races SFC Doubles RFC Doubles STC Trebles CTC Trebles
2 1 4

2 3 12 1 8
4 6 24 4 32
5 10 40 10 80
6 15 60 20 160
7 21 84 35 280
8 28 112 56 448
9 36 144 84 672
10 45 180 120 960
11 55 220 165 1320
12 66 264 220 1760
13 78 312 286 2288
14 91 364 364 2912

Straight Tricast

A straight tricast (STC) is similar to a straight forecast except this time you have to name the first three dogs home in the correct order. The dividend returns can be much bigger than forecasts but the increased odds reflect the decreased chances of landing the bet.

Combination Tricast

A combination tricast (CTC) is effectively a reverse tricast, you name three or more dogs and they have to fill the first three places in any order. A three dog combination tricast is most common and requires six bets, so a £5 CTC in this instance will cost £30 whilst a combination tricast that includes four dogs will be 24 bets.


All the usual multiples are available on greyhound racing, you can bet on doubles, trebles, accas, trixies. patents, yankees, lucky 15s/31s/63s and so on. Forecast and reverse forecast patents are also fairly common greyhound multiple bets.

Ante Post

You can bet win or each way on ante post markets but if your horse doesn’t take part in the race you are betting on you lose your stake, as you do with ante post betting in other sports. The flip side of this is when you place your ante post bet you are likely to get much better odds on your selection than you would have done betting on that dog on the day of the race.

Important Considerations When Betting On Greyhound Racing

Watch The Weather

Very wet weather can affect the racetrack and cause certain traps to be favoured. When there has been a huge downpour pay attention to the first few races following that downpour and see if either the lower traps or higher traps seem to be favoured. If there is a pattern to the results combination forecasts and tricasts on the favoured traps can lead to some nice returns. It is also worth noting that heavier dogs can be favoured by wet tracks also.

Pay Close Attention To Previous Races

Always compare a dog’s current draw to its draw in previous races and check whether or not the dog has run well from that draw before. A good draw for some dogs is a bad draw for others so a horse drawn in trap 2 might not run to the same level as in his last race when drawn in trap 5.

Beware Layoffs

Try to look out for recent form. A dog that hasn’t run for a while probably isn’t being rested, instead they have probably been recovering from illness or injury and they might not necessarily reproduce their old form.

Buddies Stay Out Of Trouble

In races where there could be trouble in running and likely traffic problems it is worth remembering that neighbouring dogs are likely to have the same luck. Trouble low will affect the lower traps and trouble high will affect the higher traps so don’t be surprised to see forecasts and tricasts made up similarly drawn dogs.

Click here to read a forum thread that includes kyle21b's way of finding which dog will hit the bend first to help calculate which dogs should avoid trouble.

Pay Close Attention

Take a look at the demeanour of the greyhounds before the race takes place as this can give clues to the upcoming performance. A lively looking dog that looks in high spirits will often perform better than a more subdued dog.

Getting a full understanding of greyhounds betting can be difficult for beginners but there is plenty of discussion on the OLBG Greyhounds Forum with help for finding winners and understanding the language of greyhound racing.

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