Bookmakers go 6/1 That Royal Baby is Named Elizabeth and Announced on Twitter First

@YorkieBea has gained a ton of followers on Twitter expecting the announcement of her daughters name to be made on the social media platform
@YorkieBea has gained a ton of followers on Twitter expecting the announcement of her daughters name to be made on the social media platform
  • Bookies have Twitter as 83% the most likely Social Media Platform to announce the new baby´s name
  • Elizabeth is the most likely name at 5/1 for the baby girl according to bookies
  • Italian based names like Florence have also been popular with punters having a bet

Twitter vs Insta

If you fancy a double bet on the Royal Baby with bookmakers you can get 5/1 on her being called Elizabeth and 1/5 the name is announced on Twitter paying a 6/1 double

The nation awaits the name of the new royal baby born to Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

It has been 5 days since the birth and we should expect a name announcement at any time. Eugenie took around 10 days to announce her son's name August.

The betting suggests that Twitter will be the preferred method of announcement of the baby´s name on social media with an 83% chance, in contrast to her sister's release on Instagram with their birth of August. @YorkieBea has seen a huge upsurge in Twitter followers in anticipation.

Steve Madgwick - Senior News Editor -

While Beatrice´s sister Eugenie announced her baby´s name first on her Instagram account, Bea doesn´t have one but does have a Twitter account (@YorkieBea) and the betting suggests an 83% chance that´s the social media channel we will hear it on first.

Which Social Media Channel Will Beatrice Use to Announce The Baby´s Name?

Platform Odds Probability
Twitter 1/5 83%
Instagram 3/1 25%
Facebook 20/1 5%
TikTok 66/1 1.5%
MySpace 100/1 1%

Royal Names

Royal Names and Family names are being favoured at the bookmakers right now, With Elizabeth the clear favourite at 5/1 but Sarah in honour of her Grandmother is close behind at 6/1

Steve Madgwick - Senior News Editor -

There is some disagreement between bookmakers as to the names that might be chosen with some favouring Royal names like Elizabeth, Anne or Margaret, whilst others are seeing support for Italian influenced names like Florence, Clementine and Giovanna.

Punters like to consider names with connections to the family too in Royal Baby betting, with her Grandmothers name Sarah and option and Elizabeth, her great grandmother and Queen's name also highly favoured.

It is a wide-open market and the choices are wide of course.

New Royal Baby Name Betting

Name Odds Probability
Elizabeth 5/1 20%
Sarah 6/1 16%
Mary 6/1 16%
Emily 8/1 12%
Matilda 9/1 10%
Florence 10/1 9%
Clementine 16/1 5%
Queenie 50/1 2%

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