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About The Best Snooker Tipsters at OLBG

Above you will find the best snooker tipsters who have available live tips and have shown a profit for snooker predictions over the past twelve months. These are ordered by most profitable over the past rolling twelve months with profits calculated to a 10-point stake.

In addition to annual profit, you can also view their trends and strike rate for the same period. The annual trend is a chart which shows each month for the past year and whether or not they made a profit for each month.

The annual strike rate displays as a percentage of how many winning tips they have had against the total number of snooker tips placed.

As well as the annual statistics you can also see their 7 and 30-day profits for a recent indication of tips form. Whilst under the tipster's name, if they are on a hot streak this will be highlighted.

You can expect snooker tips from our best snooker tipsters on the Snooker World Championship and other tournaments throughout the season, here is the schedule of the most popular events:

  • Championship League (January to March)
  • Masters (January)
  • German Masters (January/February)
  • World Grand Prix (February)
  • Welsh Open (February)
  • Shoot-Out (February)
  • Indian Open (Feb/March)
  • Players Championship (March)
  • Gibraltar Open (March)
  • Tour Championship (March)
  • China Open (April)
  • World Championship (April/May)
  • Six-Red World Championship (September)
  • Shanghai Masters (September)
  • China Championship (September)
  • European Masters (October)
  • English Open (October)
  • International Championship (Oct/November)
  • Northern Ireland (November)
  • UK Championship (Nov/December)
  • Scottish Open (December)

Who are the best Snooker tipsters?

When it comes to the best snooker tipsters, professional tipsters who specialise in snooker tips, some will think you will need to find paid snooker tipsters but why would you when you have expert snooker tipsters on OLBG whose tips are 100% free?

There are lots of good snooker tipsters out there like the racing post snooker tips, there are plenty of Twitter snooker tipsters too but how many are backed up with annual statistics? Every OLBG tipster is and we only display the profitable snooker tipsters on this page.

So if you are thinking of paying for professional snooker tips, or looking elsewhere then we would urge you to stay right where you are and get free snooker tips from our top snooker tipsters for every tournament throughout the year.

Most Followed Snooker Tipsters (as of May 2023)

Best Snooker Tipsters Individual Tips?

When you find a snooker tipster above who you like the look of then viewing their tips is simple, just click on the tipster's name. You are then taken to the tipster's own snooker tips page, on here as well as the annual performance figures you can now also view their daily figures and trends progression.

Scroll down and you can also view any available live snooker tips, the prediction itself with the event below this whether it be a tournament bet or match tip. You can then read the tip analysis from the tipster and be sure to take note of the 'Win' or 'EW' icon indicating what the tipster has advised if a tournament outright picks.

You can see the overall opinion of the OLBG Tipsters too by checking the number of tips counter and percentage, this indicates how many of them agree with this tipster compared to the total number of tips on the event or market.

How do I bet on the best Snooker Tipsters Tips?

Whilst on the tipster page you will see the 'Add to Betslip' button so any tips which you like the look of, click that button and that tip will be placed in your personal betslip. You can continue navigating between the best snooker tipsters and adding tips as you find them, your tips already added will remain in your betslip until you place your bet.

Once you are satisfied with what you have, you can see the bookmaker who is offering the best odds. Click on them and you will be directed to their site. Once on their site all of your betslip selections will be transferred over to your betslip on their site, making it simple to place your bets.

Can I view more Snooker tips?

If you wish to check out all the snooker tips available on current tournaments and upcoming matches then head over to the snooker tips page. Here you can see the most tipped outcome for each event.

If you have any questions regarding snooker and betting or would like to share your thoughts on upcoming tournaments or current happenings in the snooker world then we have a dedicated snooker section on the forum.

Also if you like to bet on the go then make sure you download the OLBG app to get all the latest snooker tips.

The Most Profitable Snooker Tipsters

You can take a look at the snooker tipster competition table to see who are the most profitable snooker tipsters.

Viewing by current month, last six months or last twelve months, the columns can be sorted so if you click on LSP for twelve months then the most profitable tipster over that period will show at the top and so on for each category selected (strike rate etc).

If you are successful with your own snooker bets and predictions and you feel you would be a good snooker tipster on OLBG then why not get involved in our tipping competition and compete against other snooker tipsters and add your snooker tips?

Come and have a go and see if you can outperform the current snooker tipsters and be in with a chance of scooping some of the monthly prize money on offer!

There is £100 in the 'pot' each month plus the annual Snooker World Championship tipping competition with £200 in cash prizes to be won.

Most Profitable Snooker Tipsters (as of May 2023)

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