Becoming A Professional Gambler

As your punting improves and you make more and more profit you are going to find it harder and harder to get your bets accepted. Bookmakers don’t like to lose and these days they can get away with limiting accounts

Becoming A Professional Gambler

Betting School ImageAs your punting improves and you make more and more profit you are going to find it harder and harder to get your bets accepted. Bookmakers don’t like to lose and these days they can get away with limiting accounts for any reason at any time, even if your account isn’t even showing a profit!

How To Get Bets On

Betting School ImageUnfortunately all winning accounts are going to be closed eventually so we need a more creative way of getting bets on.

There are some proven ways to prevent your betting account getting restricted or closed, although if you are super successful like Patrick Veitch then you will have inevitable issues at that stage.

Prevent Your Account Being Closed

Tried and tested methods to avoid account closure

Read the guide

Patrick Veitch is one of the most successful gamblers in recent times, winning over £10m from the bookies thanks to his horse racing bets. 

For him getting bets on at advertised prices (if at all) was always going to be difficult so he employed a team of ‘agents’ to place bets for him. 

Their reward for placing bets was his tips for free and when it came to placing Veitch’s larger bets it would then be necessary for his agents to have their own team of agents. 

There is always a question of trust with this sort of system but if you are showing long term profits it is likely that the agents would prefer to keep the arrangement as it is rather than to rip off the tipster.

Horse Racing Pros

Most betting professionals are going to be horse racing punters and there are many more ways to help the transition from being a part timer to a pro be a successful one.

Horse Ownership

Most stories from horse ownership are negative and many owners will be lucky to receive 20% of their investment back.

Flat Race On DirtIf you are a pro punter you should be at an advantage over the large proportion of owners because of your expert eye which should help you make better investments. 

However, it’s not just the horse you own that you might make you a profit from ownership. 

If you build a decent relationship with the trainer you should not only find out when your horse is trained to its peak but also when other horses in the yard are likely to win.

The more horses you have in different yards can lead to plenty of information that isn’t in the public domain making punting on many races a lot easier.

Can You Spot a False Gamble?

It is a skill and one that can be used for your advantage either backing or laying

False Gambles

If you know you have betting accounts that are marked up but not necessarily heavily restricted (bookies might let you have bets to mark their own cards) it will be possible to create false gambles. 

A bet on a different horse in a race to the one you want to back could create a false gamble on that horse resulting in a drift on the horse you actually want to bet on, resulting in better prices and more winnings.

When To Place Your Bets

Betting School ImageDeciding at what point to strike with your bets is going to be crucial. 

Placing your bets when the markets are at their weakest might secure better odds initially but those odds won’t be stood to large stakes and the odds could soon become unbackable before a fraction of your required stake has been placed. 

Waiting until the markets are at their strongest might mean that larger stakes will be catered for but the price might be completely gone by then.

Placing bets gradually or in a more subtle manner can be key to getting your full stakes accommodated at the required prices. 

Finding the exact recipe for getting your bets on at the best odds will depend on what sort of races you bet on and how many different accounts you can get the bets on in.

Share stories and read about how the pros do it on the OLBG forum.

Betting with the Right Bookmaker

Understanding which bookmaker is the best for your chosen sport can also be key

The best bookmaker for horseracing may not be the best for football.

Also, if you are working in niche sports and markets, where the best opportunities for profit lie, then you should ensure you use the bookie that seems to be the most out of touch with that sports and the correct odds for the markets you play.

Betting With the Right Bookmaker is.....

...crucial. It could be the difference between profit and loss.

Best Bookmakers by Sport

You may choose to find out everything you can about betting on handball. f you put all that work into your niche, you should also find out which bookmaker is best for handball betting at the same time. You then have everything in your favour.

It is worth reading reviews of every bookmaker available in your country, to see what real users have to say. They often share how they use rather than another for different sports. So, find a list of the best gambling sites uk, and get started on finding your niche, the bookmaker that suits, and fingers crossed, one day, you can turn pro!

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