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Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:47 pm
by nayeeme
I'm new here looking for some help. I use as my soccer prediction tool. But, now I'm into American football, but can't find anything similar to statisticsports.
And, can't see any option to create a post either. Is there any idea how I create a post instead of replying to an offtopic thread that looks like spam while I'm really in need of some suggestions?

I Hope, it will be good as its an off-topic area. Thanks

Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 6:24 pm
by meoldmate
I have been browsing through the pages and would you believe, this is the first time I have been on the rambling pages and I have read through, the pages on this thread about how long have you been here.

I joined in 2005, fifteen years and still going strong, a friend of mine put me onto this site and I introduced a couple more members and they are still going strong on here but my friend who brought me here is no longer with the site.

I have enrolled as an moderator and been doing this for many a year, I also help run the "One A Day for horse racing", which I did for many years and enjoyed it greatly.

OLBG is a fascinating site and on the horse racing front, you use to find plenty of information and we had many that would fill the discussion pages with information but sadly they disappeared, many other members including myself assisted with blogs and was rewarded for the effort, many still place over some brilliant write ups and others stopped and disappeared due to not being rewarded anymore, must admit I do not do as many as I use too but I still like to place over my views and points on the discussion pages.

With this site, I find the challenge a good thing to place over things that can help especially with horse racing and try to bring in debates, occasionally the football scene gets an air from time to time.

As I told, nors many years back, I am here for the journey and he has been very helpful to me in the past with blogs and other points concerning OLBG.
I remember a lot of posters like BetfairAlfie, deco121, KilkennyKat, Fairfranco, swashbuckler, aidanlrebin, Liverpool1985, redboy, burgeo, MOB, merlin, shrews et al
from madbobmagee there were plenty who contributed to this site and aidanlrebin views on horse racing was second to none and he was the first person to point out Frankel on here with his first run as a two year old, what an insight that was.

Enough of my ramblings as you all will be reading here for another fifteen years :D I am here for the duration and long may OLBG continue to be great and I will say one other thing, which I am not two faced about, I am here to win free money but also I am here as I like to get involved with the forums.Staying with the forums, members can make them great again and they are here with OLBG to do so, come and bring the forum discussion pages alive.

Take care all and be safe.

Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:25 am
by gary1888
Been using OLBG for over 10 years, really enjoy using the site, fun, friendly and informative.
I mainly bet on football and the big horse racing events, the forum posts for Cheltenham are always full of great advice and tips.
The competitions on the other challenges forum are also really good, although feel this is a part of the site that could be expanded and promoted more.
The amount of prize money available every month is amazing as well
hope to be a member for many more years to come.

Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Wed May 19, 2021 10:36 am
by androver
Been here since 2009 but have not visited recently.
I'm now retired and on a fixed income so my bets are few and far between.

Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2021 1:45 am
by androver
Have paid another visit but there still does not seem to be the amount of racing discussion that used to be here.

Has Covid had an effect on contributions I wonder?

Most other racing forums seem to be the same though, the ones that I do check into on a regular basis are very quiet as well. I wonder if everybody has found a successful system and keeping it to themselves or whether they have given up the struggle.

Re: How long have you been using OLBG -

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2021 11:05 pm
by SPS tipster
Hello. I joined 10 days ago as a Tipster to share my tips all for a bit of fun. I never knew this site before but I'm here now and looking forward to staying :)