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Sportsbook Articles

Cash Out Betting

Published: Mar 16, 1:32pm Last Updated: Aug 9, 8:45am

Cash Out is an online sportsbook feature that allows you to get money back on a wager that has yet to complete. Cash Out is used in live betting once an event has begun or a parlay bet is underway. Either lock in a profit or limit losses by closing the bet before all events have completed.   [ Read More ]

College Football Betting Guide

Published: Mar 15, 10:41am Last Updated: Aug 31, 2:59pm

Ensuring you are making your online wagers on football with the best sportsbook in your state can ensure a better choice of bet types, better odds and more. Our College football betting experts have checked out all options and offer the best depending on the state in which you will be betting [ Read More ]

Responsible Online Gambling USA

Published: Feb 1, 3:33pm Last Updated: Aug 9, 8:45am

Gambling should be fun & entertaining but can become addictive Sportsbooks  & casinos have a number of tools to help you to keep control. This article will explain in a little more detail the tools available and how they work. We look at the top betting sites to check what they have available too.   As you can see from the table below, the top Sportsbooks all provide the listed tools. You will find most all sportsbooks will offer these... [ Read More ]

Which Sites for Betting on March Madness

Published: Jan 28, 3:38pm Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:08pm

Featuring 68 college basketball teams, from the first division of the NCAA, March Madness is a knockout competition created in 1939 to determine the national champions. Up to $10b is expected to be wagered on this year's event. 40% more than on the Superbowl! With that in mind, and if some of those dollars are yours, we need to discover which is the best betting site for making wagers on March Madness  The best betting site for placing wagers on... [ Read More ]

Teaser Bets - Which Online Sportsbook is Best

Published: Nov 20, 2:30pm Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:11pm

When betting on football or basketball, the option to make more than one selection and combine them in a parlay bet can increase the overall odds of the bet. Another option is to play a teaser. This article will explain what a teaser bet is and how to play them on both football and basketball. A teaser is a type of bet, usually on football or basketball, that combines 2 and sometimes 3 line bets. It is different from a... [ Read More ]

Best Online Sportsbook for Breeders Cup Betting

Published: Oct 22, 12:29pm Last Updated: Aug 9, 8:45am

Previously run on a single day the Breeders Cup has been a 2-day event since 2007 and is an annual series of races for Grade 1 thoroughbreds in America, although generally open to entries from anywhere in the world.   Recommended Sportsbook Alternative Sportsbooks Things to Consider FAQ's Breeders Cup Betting Guide & Tips [ Read More ]

How to Bet on Superbowl LV - (Picks & Free Bets from Legal Sportsbooks)

Published: Aug 14, 5:08pm Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:18pm

More than 25 million Americans will make a wager on the Superbowl this year. If you are one of the many who will be placing the wager at an online sportsbook for the first time,  you will need is a legal online betting account to make it easy to bet from home or on the go.   Click one of the state buttons above to discover which online sportsbook is available and operating legally in your state. Available sportsbooks will... [ Read More ]

Best Sports Betting App [NJ, PA, IN IL, IA, WV, NV, CO]

Published: Apr 28, 2:17pm Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:22pm

In the ever-growing list of Legal US Sportsbooks, the additional task of deciding which is the best sports betting app is underway.   We have taken some of the work out of the process for you and present in this article, recommendations based on comparison work our expert team has carried out on all online sportsbook apps available to find out which is the best app for the US market depending on which state you are in. Best Sports Betting... [ Read More ]

F1 Betting | Which Sportsbook is Best for Motor Sport

Published: Nov 22, 11:19am Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:25pm

There is no sport more internationally popular than Formula 1, and along with Nascar and Superbike Championships and Speedway Racing, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to betting on the sport.   This is the best guide or Motor Sports betting, providing details of the best betting sites, the events to look for, which offer the most wagering markets, live betting and futures options. Read on. [ Read More ]

Best Sportsbook for Betting on Cycling

Published: Nov 22, 11:13am Last Updated: Aug 31, 3:33pm

With a year-round program of major professional cycling events, there are lots of opportunities to bet on cycling for fans. And there are a lot of cycling betting sites to consider. So we put them to the test. We pulled in our best cycling betting tipsters, sat them down with our betting site experts and let them battle it out to find best betting sites when considering what bets to make on major cycling events.   [ Read More ]

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