Gubbed by Sky and now by Paddy!

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Gubbed by Sky and now by Paddy!

Postby steenie1 » Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:34 pm

Hadn't heard the term 'gubbing' until last week. It's when a bookie restricts your access to promos, free bets, enhanced odds, etc. Has this happened to anyone else recently? I know Paddy Power is under the same umbrella as Betfair, but I didn't think SkyBet was linked to them. The fact that I've had two gubbings within a week by 2 separate bookies seems suspicious.

I've since read up loads and the restrictions often seem to kick in when punters do matched betting...but I never have. It's not like I'm some high-roller either. The max I normally bet on any event is 5 euro. Was looking at my account history and I'm actually 70 euros down with Skybet since 2018. I've had the Paddy account for around the same time period and though I'm up 125 euro over the years with that, it's hardly taking massive profits from them.

I've been doing the Paddys Rewards Club every week, but the last actual free bet I got off them was a 5 euro Betbuilder on the Man Utd v Liverpool match. And I won absolutely nothing from it!

Below is the email I received from Paddy Power today. The one I got last week from SkyBet was similar.

''Here at Paddy Power we offer lots of promotions and concessions to our customers, like Money Back Specials, Best Price Guaranteed and free bets to name a few. However, our trading department review accounts regularly and we’re sorry to say that we can no longer offer you such promotions, from here on. But you can still bet on our Sportsbook or any of our other products.

We don’t take these decisions lightly and it’s important that you know this in line with our Terms and Conditions, "Paddy Power may, at it's sole discretion and without any requirement to give reasons, exclude any customer from the Services generally or from receiving selected promotions /(e.g. guaranteed best price; bonuses; free bets; enhanced prices; and money-back specials) and any other promotions and offers introduced by us from time to time".

Also, this decision will not affect any Sportsbook free bet or promotions that you have already placed a qualifying bet towards. And you will still receive the benefits of any Sportsbook promotion you have started qualifying for or already qualified for prior to this decision. If you believe you have qualified for a promotion and not been credited please contact our customer services team

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Paddy Power''

Thanks for nothing...sez me

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