Online Bingo - A farcical lack of transparency

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Online Bingo - A farcical lack of transparency

Postby OlbgDeleted91182 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:13 pm

In an attempt to wrangle more gambling time from my attention starved missus, I have taken to letting her play a bit of Bingo with me alongside my Online Poker.

Bingo is a game that has never really interested me, but as a gambler, I can see the appeal.

I was thoroughly shocked at the lack of transparency for number of tickets purchased in any given game. I was in one game that had 312 players and tickets were 20p. Each players could buy anywhere between 6-36 tickets for each game. The total prize pay out combined when you add the 1 line, 2 lines and full house together was a little over £400.

If everyone bought the minimum ticket quota then that would have put £374.40 in the pot which would mean the site was working at a loss. Clearly this was not the case though. What amazed me though was that nowhere did it say how many tickets had been bought. Just the number of players was mentioned which leaves it ambiguous as to your chances of winning.

I am sure that not everyone bought the maximum 36 tickets (in fact they definitely didn’t because I only bought 12 tickets at a cost of £2.40.) However, there was no way of knowing how many tickets had been bought, if everyone else had purchased the full 36 tickets, which is unlikely, but definitely possible, then there would have been a total of 11,232 tickets brought, totalling £2,246.40 in money for the website. Considering the payout to players was only £401 something pounds, this is quite disconcerting for someone who likes to know his odds and hunts value when he pursues gambling of any sort.

What was also crazy to me was the players response when I asked them if we could find out how many tickets had been brought, because it is a bit opaque and shady to not make this clear. Their response was ‘well they’ve got to make their money’ and ‘there is always a moaner’, ‘if you don’t like it, don’t play’.

This response is outrageous and clearly it is this lack of care or downright ignorance which allows Bingo sites to make millions more than they deserve. I fully agree that sites need to make money for hosting, of course they do, but if the amount is not clear and leaves you placing money down with far less chance of winning then the return promised if you do, then people should not play. It bewilders me that people have not picked up on this and asked questions because it is clearly open to exploitation, and with the attitudes shown by the sheep that play these games, they will continue to do it. I play a lot of online poker and the rake is clear for all to see. If you play a tournament or cash poker, most sites take 10% for hosting the games, a generous amount which allows them to make plenty of money. 10% is ample! From what I see from playing online Bingo, it is possible and very probable - from the way the lay out is; that they sometimes take up to 400% rake and always take at the very, very least 10%.

Does anyone else here know of sites who are open about number of tickets brought? It amazes me that no site tells people this because all it takes is one site to do it and the rest would follow suit. I think it is general apathy and ignorance of players that stops this happening and it is allowing websites to make far, far more than they deserve for hosting these games. Sadly, the attitudes of most of this predominantly female played game is, just like my GF’s response to my rant – ‘oh who cares, it’s only a bit of fun.

As a gambler who isn’t prepared to accept guaranteed long term losses, I disagree wholeheartedly.

I look forward to a response that differs from the ‘lighten up – don’t like it, don’t play it.’ Because I definitely won’t be playing online bingo until they start to state how many tickets have been bought, it is far to open for exploitation otherwise.

But sadly, this will not help me appease my GF, so if I could find a site that did show the number of tickets that have been bought in each game, I would happily let her waste my money with a slightly better chance of winning than on all the other sites.

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Postby Bobsselections » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:47 pm

Your absolutely right Nathan, i have never seen a site display how many tickets are in a game but surely these sites must be regulated and only be allowed to make a certain amount of profit.
My understanding was that any excess profit made was added to the progressive jackpot for calling within a certain amount of numbers. Also other promotions such as daily free bingo.
Like you though i agree it should be more transparent so that you actually can work out what the odds of you being a winner.

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Postby ghotiing » Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:30 am

Very good post, Nathan. I actually think that Bingo is the worst kind of game there is, from a player's point of view. Probably that's why you will find so many "promotions" on the Bingo sites of the typical bookie.

BTW, the best promotion ever is "buy one, get one free", since this changes exactly nothing. If the amount for tickets is doubled for everyone, everyone's winning chances remain completely unchanged, as you play against each other in Bingo. And since the number of tickets is not reflected in the prize winnings, those remain unchanged, too. So BOGOF means: Unchanged chances, unchanged prizes - what a great "special offer"!

EDIT: Sorry, I just realised that Nathan's post was written 2 years ago. I just saw "20 Feb" and read away. :D

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Postby man o bong » Sat Feb 22, 2014 6:55 am

That;s the beauty of this site, years worth of still relevant information and discussion

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