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Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:21 pm
by tipstonga
Hi Edinho you have reason about those under level tips, I have seen worst.
I agree with PompeyJim that a thorough control by OLBG is far from the possibilities of -a reasonable size- staff .

Said that, let me say that anyway it is misleading to consider comment rating as a solution.
0) the rating system has been proven not to produce that goal
a) The rating is unfair since the visibility of the tips is not equal for unavoidable reasons,
b) more over this absence of equilibrium produces the wrong feedback amplifying the chances of positive rating of those previously positively rated sinking the rest in oblivion.
c) positive or negative clicks can be set for motives that range from accident to friendship.
d) there are neither registered arguments for the rating nor a mechanism of defence for a negative rating. This allows selective cancelation of the Elites status by personal means just with a pair of unjustified clicks.
e) there is no clear path you can take to get positive ratings. As it is, it is just a matter of taste.

So , indeed, the rating system discourages more than enhances the will of making deep analysis in the tips , and even discourages the will of making comments in the tips at all.

In older days the minimum length of the tips was larger (40) this might improve the quality but surely will diminish the amount of tips with comments.
Recently I posted in the Ask an OLBG Moderator forum thread the suggestion that given the new requisite of 5 positive bets to accede to prizes the Elite conditions should get rid of the rating for a fair deal. No one posted against, hope OLBG is seriously considering it.
Some kind of "Qualitiy Committee" -like the "Ethics Committee" in hospitals or similar- might be envisioned, provided the "public judgement" of "reiterative offenders" takes place or is made public in the forum.

Hope this helps

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2020 9:31 am
by NoError
In older days ...
In even older days, we used to have the Pros system, based on pure merit and hard cold results. Subjectivity of any kind never came into it. The Pros system also rewarded long-term consistency, because you needed good results over a period of six months just to qualify. The current system not only rewards, but also actively encourages flukes, as you can make any number of ridiculous high-odds tips every month - if some of them work out, you win a prize, and if they don't come off, you go again next month with no consequences. In the old days, a massive loss in one month would have disqualified you from Pro status for six months.

If I remember correctly, the Pros were abolished at the same time the comments became obligatory for winning the serious prizes. It was at that time that I've pretty much given up tipping here altogether. Prior to that, I'd won a Horse Racing Pro prize in 12 out of 21 consecutive months, but I tipped up to 20 horses every day, and it was simply impossible to write comments on so many tips, especially without some element of repetition. I had loads of followers at the time, who obviously didn't need any comments to see my tips were making sense (results were more than enough), and many have PMed me since to ask if I'd start tipping again, but I never did.

I don't mean this as sour grapes, as I've done well out of the site in the past, but in my view the competitions have been diluted, and comments haven't really helped in terms of quality control. As I said, I'd rather follow someone with a track record of consistently producing winning tips, than someone who regularly writes convincing comments on losing tips. In fact, if you look at pretty much any table for this month (comments or not), there'll be loads of tipsters in the running for big prizes having just a few positive months in the last twelve, and these are clearly not tipsters who anyone would want to follow, and even with the best of comments, they are winning prizes without adding much to the site. And, as has been mentioned by others above, in many cases the comments barely pass even the minimum of scrutiny.

Hope this helps. :)

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:05 am
by Akhiljacks
I apologise for what has happened. I want to try again with better comments

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:50 am
by PompeyJim
I apologise for what has happened. I want to try again with better comments

No problem, please use the contact form link below and reply with 2 football comment examples you would like to add tips.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Fri Dec 24, 2021 4:44 pm
by Maystro
The place for comments has disappeared, what is the reason?

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Sat Dec 25, 2021 8:13 pm
by Zipster
The place for comments has disappeared, what is the reason?

Hi, you would have received an email from us regarding your comments and why your comment facility was removed, please make sure to check the junk/spam folders.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:46 pm
by attitude adjuster
I am in full agreement with Tipsonga and NoError on this topic and i as well have done extremely well from elite status on horses over the past couple of years.I am not so good at other sports but do put a lot of my time into Horse Racing as i have done for years and i find a lot of the tips and good tips by certain tipsters on this site are not rated as they should be.The older system of your consistent tipping of a certain amount of months to be in the pros was deserved and if you did have a poor month you were out of that the following month and maybe longer.A lot are relying on other people to find your comment helpful and that is highly unfair as if the comment is acceptable than people deserve better than some one who does not like your tip ticking un helpful under it.Horse racing which has a serious amount of meetings most days only needs five profitable tips to get among the prizes from 15,the same with US racing and Irish racing.For those of us on the site that love being a member of OLBG than surely a minimum amount of ten profitable tips on the three mentioned should be reasonable and for the people tipping the massive priced horses and getting one or two along with three short ones during the month taking the prizes on here.If 10 is the way on most of the football tables than surely horse racing has to be ten as well.I can understand the NAP table and that is fair as it is with five. I really do think going forward that the consistent tipping or elite and Super elite status needs to be changed for the good of this great site.I will never be elite on most sports but as i have said do put a lot into horse racing as i have done most of my life,i will never tip a horse at a big price with a comment unless i fancy it but plenty do.I fear this site will lose some brilliant tipsters during the years like NoError not doing as much as they should.I love this site and will always be on every day as long as i am wanted ,i will never win the horse racing competitions any month and that never bothers me but i do like to keep myself in profit and most months i do.Sorry for this long write up but i do agree with some of the better tipsters on here that the elite status system needs to be changed.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2021 4:40 am
by tipstonga
A year has past since my last post on the subject. My experience on the Status system continued being bad but I did not have the will to make my case again since I only got then the explicit support of No Error (thank you ) while others previously in the debate did not answered whether in support or against.
None the less some results of the system are some how irritating : I entered December with 6 positive months in a row in Horse Racing with 40 LSP and having not a single positive rating in 207 comments. My nul amount of ratings in tennis (4PMs) contradicts my 5% in football (decreased to 2% this month) while my performance is very much irregular in the latter than in the former.
Attitude Adjuster's post call me again to the subject. I thank his support and make mine his words.
I hope this matter changes and evolves positively to encourage the best comments and the most fair treatment.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:02 am
by PompeyJim
Hi attitude adjuster & Tipstonga,

Thanks for your feedback, on the subject of the minimum number of profit wins for the main horse racing table, this is being raised to 10 from 1st January, we announced this on the criteria updates thread on the 3rd December (below) and the competition manager will review this and other tables ongoing.

"From the 1st January 2022, the main Horse Racing (Comment Comp) Table will have a minimum of 10 profit tips (currently 5) required to potentially win a prize.

The competition manager will review again after January."

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 10:26 am
by Delboy980
I have cut down the number of tips I write up on horses and football, it takes a while to write up a tip. When I became a member, I was pulled up for writing too short a reason and had to ask for my comments box to be put back on many years ago . When I look at other people's tips now, they tell you nothing, most of them are miles too short, and they have so many tips written up all meaningless and they are the ones that are taking the money each month. and taking it out of their account straight away. I have never been bothered if I win a competition or not, it is nice to enter and win one now and again, but have no chance when other members are writing up 20 tips to your 1 with just so few words.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 1:22 pm
by attitude adjuster
I put one tip on horse racing on the first day of this month and for some reason despite there being plenty of words and thought put into the tip i lost over 2 per cent on my ratings because of it.I do not know how or why but obviously some one did not like it and it is upsetting especially as i have tried so hard the past couple of years with horse racing.If it comes down to winning a prize or keeping myself in profit in LSP on horse racing i prefer to keep myself in profit as it means more to me than winning a prize and whatever few followers that might be looking at my tips than i have not let them down.I know OLBG do not have the resources to do it all on here but please do not rely on people who for some reason might not like your tip to put some one down.I do not have access to the internet during work days but still make tips every day on this site as i love being on here.There is plenty taking advantage of this site and fair play to them if they are allowed to but it is impossible to keep yourself in profit every month on a certain sport if you do not know what you are talking about as no one is that lucky.I am sorry for pointing out that the elite and super elite system does not work as it should but that is how i feel and going by this a lot of the members who have been on the site a long time feel the same.It is great to see the Horse racing going to ten profitable tips and i know this site will move on and prosper as it is a great site but i just think some little tweaks need to be made as we progress.

Re: Tip Comment Guidelines For All Members - Please Read

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 4:23 pm
by PompeyJim
Hi attitude adjuster,

Your comment quality % would not drop as a result of ratings on one tip comment placed on the first day of the month. You will find that the elite comment criteria updates on the first day of each new month (overnight after the prize allocations)and these relate to the rolling monthly periods, so your oldest month in the time period (profit, comment numbers, % quality etc) prior to the previous month finishing no longer counts.

Also we have protocols in place for checking ratings, if we find excessive unfair ratings by a user then their ratings are not counted and have no impact on comment quality % for elite/super elite purposes.

We appreciate there are a minority who try to manipulate the competitions, we closed a batch of accounts with these intentions around this time last year and continue to monitor accounts who play large odds to excessive amounts.

We always appreciate constructive feedback and the continued loyalty of our long standing members.